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Benefits and Importance of Pet ID Tags

Posted by Michelle, Founder of Paws pet boutique in Annapolis, MD and on 19th Feb 2015

We often hear "My cat is an 'inside cat' and my dog only goes out in our yard so they don't need ID tags". When fewer than 2% of lost cats and only 15-20% of lost dogs are ever returned to their guard … read more
Halloween Safety Tips for Best Friends with Paws

Halloween Safety Tips for Best Friends with Paws

Posted by Michelle founder of on 30th Oct 2014

Throughout the year there are many holidays to enjoy and Halloween is no exception. While pets can join in the fun, keep in mind there are some simple things you can do to keep your best friends safe, … read more

What a Difference the Right Dog Collar Makes

Posted by Michelle, founder of Paws pet boutique established in 1999 on 3rd Apr 2014

What a person is wearing, just like what a dog is sporting on their neck, makes statement. While the personality of the dog and it's person can come through with a unique dog collar selection, it's al … read more