Benefits and Importance of Pet ID Tags

Posted by Michelle, Founder of Paws pet boutique in Annapolis, MD and on 19th Feb 2015

Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags with Removable Pet Tag Holder Help to Keep Your Pet Safe

We often hear "My cat is an 'inside cat' and my dog only goes out in our yard so they don't need ID tags". When fewer than 2% of lost cats and only 15-20% of lost dogs are ever returned to their guardians according to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, we beg to disagree.

When your dog or cat is wearing a permanent and visible form of ID it is their fastest ticket home. As we all know, our best friends cannot talk so this is their easiest form of communication if they are found away from home. Obviously multiple forms of ID increase the chances for reunion with your companion. If a pet loses his or her collar a pet microchip offers a backup communication lifeline. It's quick and easy to have done at your vet.

Have your heard these reasons/excuses as to why dogs and cats don't need pet IDs?

Neoprene Cat Collars are Lightweight and Hold Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

My dog/cat doesn't like wearing a collar.

They lost their tags and I never replaced them.

I don't like the noise pet tags make and they wake me/my baby.

We live in the country and my dog has the run of the land.

We have answers!  Consider USA made hemp dog collars for a soft and natural option if you dog tends to find wearing a collar itchy. Stretchy neoprene cat collars are soft and super lightweight so your feline may not even notice they are wearing a collar! If you don't like the tag jingle noise, simply add a neoprene pet tag silencer pouch

If you change your companion's collar often, add a removable ID tag holder to your pet's identification tags. It will allow you to easily move ID tags from one collar to the another. If you need to replace your pet's tags, check out the stainless steel tags that don't rust or corrode at Shipping is free and they arrive engraved with your contact details within a week or so. It's simple to order!

Adding "please close the gate" signs or "please don't let the cat out" and "please don't let the dog out" signs to gates or doors are also helpful ways to inform visitors that your dogs and cats are not allowed out without supervision.

When it comes to your faithful companion, don't let these misconceptions or excuses stand in the way of giving your best friend the greatest chance possible in finding their way back to you. Acts of nature happen and pets simply do lose their way so please help to improve the statistics of dogs and cats being reunited with their families.

We hope your companion never finds themselves lost, but if they do you will be grateful to know you made that simple effort to insure they are wearing an up-to-date pet id tag. Make a tail wag and enjoy time with your best friend today.