Stylish ID Tags Serve a Purpose...They Return Your Best Friend Home!

Stylish ID Tags Serve a Purpose...They Return Your Best Friend Home!

Posted by Michelle, founder of Paws pet boutique established in Annapolis, MD in 1999 on 29th May 2014

Stainless Steel Compass ID Tags for Dogs and Cats

You are late for work when a lone dog darts across the road right in front of you. The street is busy as is your schedule, but your car automatically pulls off to the side and you hop out to see if you can help this obviously lost little furry soul in front of you. You are relieved to see they have a collar on, but does it have any clues as to where this lost pup belongs? YES! You are super excited to find a shiny ID tag with a phone number engraved so you can quickly dial the number on your cell phone. Thanks to you the dog is returned to the very grateful and worried family, who found the

Inexpensive Please Close the Gate Signs made in USA

delivery person left the gate open. We LOVE happy endings! That's why we think it is so important that every cat and dog wear an ID on their collar.

Neoprene Pet ID Tag Silencer Pouches

You may say, "Oh, but they jingle too much and wake me up in the middle of the night when they shake". We have the answer. Pick up one of our neoprene pet tag silencers that ends tag 

Removable Pet ID Holders


You may say, "I like to change my dog or cat's collar frequently and don't like the hassle of fiddling with the ring to move the ID tag to the latest collar." We have the answer. Pick up one of our removable ID tag holders that makes moving an ID tag a snap!

You may say, "The tags are ugly or too big." We have the answer. Our engraved stainless steel tags are polished and look like collar charms with colorful enamel in many different designs. Our pet ID tags are available in 3 sizes - including a tiny size tag for kitties and toy dogs. Not only do they look stylish, they are engraved with your contact information on the back and they never rust or corrode!

Nautical Anchor Pet ID Tags Engraved

Shamrock Dog ID Tags at

Artistic Sun Pet ID Tags Engraved with Phone Numbers

Patriotic USA Engraved Dog Tags

We know you love your fur kids, so make it easier for them to find their way back to you if they are lost. It's easy to have an ID tag engraved with your cell phone number. Paws pet boutique offers free shipping on engraved pet ID tags, because it is so important every dog and cat have a collar tag for safe returns.

And thank you to all of you who have stopped to help a pet in need. You made the difference.