Halloween Safety Tips for Best Friends with Paws

Halloween Safety Tips for Best Friends with Paws

Posted by Michelle founder of PawsPetBoutique.com on 30th Oct 2014

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Throughout the year there are many holidays to enjoy and Halloween is no exception. While pets can join in the fun, keep in mind there are some simple things you can do to keep your best friends safe, sound and happy. 


Never leave your companion animals alone when they are wearing a costume. Chewing or ingesting the costume can cause extreme health risks. Additionally they can become tangled or restricted in the costume, which can lead to anxiety, choking and other dangerous situations.


Remember that while we all love chocolate, this is extremely toxic to animals. Keep chocolate, raisins, grapes, gum and candy containing xylitol (a sweetener) away from your pets as they can be very damaging to your pet's health. Lollipops with sticks and candy wrappers can also be a hazard to your pet if ingested. The best thing to do is to keep all your candy in an area where your pet is unable to reach it, preferably locked. Be mindful as to what you put in your home trash can, as someone might find the contents simply irresistible for all the wrong reasons.


Halloween encourages multiple visitors to your home and often adds more noise to your neighborhood as everyone is out to celebrate. Monitor your pet as many will find this environment to be stressful. To reduce your pet's fear or anxiety in this situation consider putting them in a back room with relaxing music playing and their bed, toys or other comfort items with them. Fill a durable toy with a treat that will keep their attention on something more positive. Alternatively you can set up a baby gate or such to restrict their access to the door. If a second person is in the home, it would be helpful for them to engage your pet in playful interaction to distract their attention to something more positive.

Please make sure your cats are indoors in advance of nightfall. Lastly, many of our customers find a Thundershirt helps to calm your pet in anxious situations. (Yes, we do have them at Paws pet boutique.)

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If your pet is spooked and makes a run for it, please make sure their identification is intact and up to date. Check that your pet's microchip information is accurate and their ID tags are securely fastened to their collar. It's always good practice to have a photo easily available of your pet if you need to make flyers or submit to your local shelter if they are lost.


Often times help is needed after hours. If you have a 24-hour emergency Vet in your area, make sure you know where they are located and their phone number. Additionally the Pet Poison Helpline is available 24/7. 

Pets give us so much, so please keep your loved ones safe. They need your help and guidance to enjoy the holidays!

Now go make some tails wag and enjoy some treats without tricks!