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Thankful Thursday at Paws pet boutique

Posted by Michelle, Pet Mom and Founder of Paws pet boutique on

'Tis the season to make today count. That's the lesson in gratitude we were given, thanks to a little rescue Jack Russell named Benjamin. There are no do-over days we learned in 2015, as he inspired us and left us unexpectedly on Thanksgiving Day. Four years later we continue to keep his memory and gratitude attitude alive in everything we do. 

Benjamin, Paws pet boutique Shop Dog

Ben was bigger than life and touched many a visitor in our Paws Annapolis pet boutique, as we shared in our previous Paws Blogs 'Being Thankful for the Lost and Found' and our 'Tribute to Ben, Paws Mascot'Today, Paws shop dog, Gracie (our saving Grace), continues to inspire and sprinkle happiness in our Paws Naples pet boutique. As you probably have figured out by now, Paws pet boutique is more than just a small business, it's a passion and commitment to making a difference one animal and/or person at a time. It's about living your best life - and that includes your fur kids!

Absolutely, we'd love for you to stop in Paws and have a fun experience with your 

Paws pet boutique, Shop Dog, Grace

pet or find a unique pet items that make tails wag or someone smile. But we also hope you take a moment to appreciate those who surround you. Maybe it's taking an extra dog walk, playing fetch a little longer one night or calling someone who you've been thinking about recently. 

As Thanksgiving approaches us in 2019, we are thankful and ready to make this holiday season the best it can be. Over the last 20 years we have worked hard to procure unique pet supplies and pet lover gifts - many of them created by other small businesses. You'll find something special any day of the year you shop Paws pet boutique. However, this time of the year we especially love helping our clients find that perfect gift to celebrate that dog, cat and/or person in their lives. Gift wrapping is always complimentary and we love to ship. Call, click or come by for a visit. We are truly grateful for our clients. Let us know if we can help make your day count.

Thank you. Love your pets. They love you.

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