What a Difference the Right Dog Collar Makes

Posted by Michelle, founder of Paws pet boutique established in 1999 on 2nd Apr 2014

Bones and Hearts Collar on Ben of PawsPetBoutique.com

What a person is wearing, just like what a dog is sporting on their neck, makes statement. While the personality of the dog and it's person can come through with a unique dog collar selection, it's also important to make sure you opt for the right collar for your best friend. Dogs are all different, just like people.

Materials matter. If your dog has sensitive skin, consider choosing a hemp-lined dog 

Soft Hemp Pink Daisy Dog Collars at PawsPetBoutique.com

collar, which is super soft and durable. The hemp fiber that is used to create this soft and eco-friendly collar option is grown without chemicals or pesticides. Additionally, having a collar that can be easily washed is important. Would you want to wear the same shirt for months...or years? Most fabric collars, many with colorful ribbon detail, can be placed in a mesh bag and washed in the machine on a gentle cycle. It's easy and insures your dog is wearing something fresh and clean.

Style matters. If your dog has a neck larger than their head, it's a matter of time before the collar simply slips off and your dog is loose! A martingale dog collar will snug up slightly when pulled by a leash to insure it does not slip over your pup's head on walks. Dogs like Greyhounds normally wear this style of collar or dog harnesses for safety and control on walks. Otherwise, for most dogs a quick release buckle style collar is a great option. They are easy to size precisely to fit, as well as to place on and remove. You should be able to easily place 2 fingers or so between your dog's neck and collar. Make sure the buckle is sturdy, durable and secure. If chewed, make sure you replace as the integrity may be compromised.

Tiny Dog Collars for Small Dogs at PawsPetBoutique.com

Size matters. Consider the width of the collar. From my experience with the dogs we've fit in our dog boutique over the years, we recommend a collar in a 1" or 1.25" for large dogs like Retrievers and Boxers. Medium size dogs do great in a 3/4" wide to a 1.25" wide collar and small dogs can wear a 5/8" wide to a 1" wide collar depending on their shape and neck length. You don't want your dog's movement to be impeded by his or her collar. Lastly, a toy size pup (under 10 lbs.) normally will wear a 1/2" to a 5/8" wide collar. Extra small dogs warrant tiny dog collars! Do not select a cat collar for a tiny dog, as the buckle is designed to open when pulled on a cat collar.

Design matters, or at least we think so. This is the best part! Selecting a unique dog 

Unique Crab and Nautical Dog Collars at PawsPetboutique.com

collar that looks fabulous on your dog and fits the lifestyle and personality of you and your dog is fun. Nautical dog collars are perfect for water dogs or those who live and/or love the waterfront, while floral dog collars would be a good selection for feminine dogs and/or those who like to garden. Giving your dog a fun themed collar will provide a different first impression than spiked dog collars for example. The decision is yours. Enjoy browsing and shopping a splendid selection of U.S made unique dog collars at Paws pet boutique, a dog boutique known for it's collar collection and fabulous customer service.

On a final note, we wanted to let you know about a great little gadget...removable ID holders. If you like to change your dog's collar out frequently (like I do), consider picking up a pet ID holder that easily moves from collar to collar. No more fighting with tag rings or 'S' hooks each time you want to change your best friend's neck attire. These are 

Removable ID Tag Holders and Pet ID Tags at PawsPetBoutique.com

available at Pawspetboutique.com, as well as pet ID tags and pet tag silencers. We can't stress enough how important it is that your best friend have an ID tag on the collar you select!

Now that you know the ins and outs of collar comforts, styles and fashions you are set to go make a difference with your dog's collar! Have fun. Dogs do.