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Gracie's Tips for a Gotcha Day to Love

Paws pet boutique's pup, Gracie, is celebrating her Gotcha Day 1 year anniversary!

So first, for those who may not be aware of the term "Gotcha Day", it refers to the day a new member is added or adopted into a family. While no day should be taken for granted, Gotcha Days and birthdays are definitely worthy of a special celebration! 

January 15, 2016 Gracie joined our family and entered the Paws pet boutique pack. She gained 2 Jack Russell brothers and a feline as siblings in addition to 2 humans. Today is the 1st Anniversary of her Gotcha Day! So what's a girl to do? If Gracie could talk or type, we're pretty sure these would be her tips for a successful Gotcha celebration day in her words...

DON'T SLEEP IN...While I don't like to get up too, too early, I find 7 AM is a good time to start licking your human if they aren't rustling yet. First a quick trip outside and then breakfast is served. 

GET MOVING...Next up, my favorite, a walk! Make sure you have your harness on so you don't choke and you're securely attached to your human with a leash. Ahhh, the sights and sounds. Take it all in and help your human to do the same. They are often preoccupied and miss seizing the moments. They need your help. Don't forget to put your nose up and take deep breaths.

RELAX...Find a sunny or cozy spot and catch a nap to let your human go do what they do. Dream of running through fields or rolling in something that stays with you...whatever makes you happy.

GREETINGS...When you see your human, get excited and make them feel like they are everything to you. It's not hard to do, because they are everything! Love runs deep.

You Can't Buy Love, But You Can Rescue It

SPECIAL OUTING... Do something different on special days. In my mind, this does not include a bath or a trip to the vet. I like to head downtown to check out different smells and meet new dogs. If you're in Annapolis you should stop by Paws pet boutique. They love celebrating birthdays and gotcha days with fur kids. They'll likely take your photo and post it on their Facebook and Instagram pages to share a smile! I like to pick up my favorite treats -  a fresh bag of sweet potato fries -- and a new toy. I love to play with my toys and when the feeling comes over me, zoom around the house with them! If it's nice outside, sitting with your humans at an outside cafe for lunch or dinner is always fun for me. Make the day special in your own way. For me just being with my people makes me happy. I don't ask for much.

TAIL END... To wrap up my day, I like to enjoy my dinner topped with some special treats in my slow-feel bowl. I didn't like this bowl at first but I'm use to it now. I feel better when I eat slower, so it's all good. Next, another nice walk and some playtime would be perfect. To close my day, I like to snuggle in with my people and dream of tomorrow. I dream that lots of other animals find their way into happy homes. I'm grateful that Chesapeake Cats & Dogs helped me find my forever family.

Rescue Dog Sign

In closing, we'd like to encourage you to consider adopting a loving companion animal. They don't ask for too much and they give back ten-fold. ASPCA estimates approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year, while 2.7 million shelter animals (1.4 million dogs and 1.3 million cats) are adopted to new families. We'd love to see adoption rates continue to rise and euthanize numbers decline. Thank you for your consideration in adopting some love! Now go celebrate today!

Being Thankful for the Lost and Found in Life

Recently I saw a card that really made me think. It read: 

"We will never be the same as we were before this loss, but are ever so much better for having had something so great to lose."

I read it several times so it really sunk in. How true.

It may be a person or a companion animal who provided strength, direction, love, passion, levity, companionship among other things in life. Simply put, they made your life and you better.  When you lose someone so special, the hole left behind is deep. Everyone loves and grieves differently, but over time we can come to realize that we were fortunate to be enriched by their presence. 

If the bond wasn't so special and strong, the pain of the loss wouldn't be so numbing and sad.

The unexpected loss of my constant companion Jack Russell Ben on Thanksgiving 2015 was devastating and I know I will never be the same. Today I'm trying to learn how I am better for having had him in my life. 

I like to think he selected Thanksgiving to teach me my last lesson on thankfulness. As I continue to process the loss today, I also realize what I have gained. This one dog heightened my level of passion to make a positive difference. My involvement with the animal welfare movement increased and allowed me to meet so many amazing people. I became especially active with Animal Legal Defense Fund who rescued Ben along with 300+ other dogs from an unthinkable environment with a hoarder. Thanks to Ben, we made a difference together. He touched many people in his journey through our fundraiser events and in Paws pet boutique as our store dog. Just last month someone stopped in the store asking if Ben was there so they could visit with him. He was one-of-a-kind and I truly was lucky to have him in my life as a soulmate for the time I did. There is no doubt he made me a better person.

With a loss you find the good in people. During a difficult time your senses are heightened and it becomes clear the people and things that are truly important to you. Thanks to special people in my life Ben's legacy will live on with Ben's Memorial Fund through Animal Legal Defense Fund. Donations support prosecution of animal cruelty and fighting puppy mills. Ben made a difference in my life and will continue to do so in many other lives as his legacy continues. Today I am more grateful for the people in my life thanks to Ben.

Paws pet boutique continues to hold events to support ALDF, and now Ben's Memorial Fund. September 30, 2016 we partner with the Loews Annapolis Hotel to host a dog-friendly happy hour, Canines & Cocktails for a Cause. Generous businesses have donated prizes for the raffle and auction that support Ben's Fund. If you're reading this and the event hasn't happened yet, we hope you can join us at 5:30 pm.

Give Dog Treats supporting Ben's Memorial Fund through ALDF

Additionally, Paws pet boutique donates $1 from every box of "Give" dog treats to Ben's Fund. Choose from 3 yummy flavors. The treats make a unique and perfect dog gift too. They are of course heart-shaped.

As I continue to work through my loss, I can see I am better for having the opportunity to have one of the funniest, engaging and loving Jack Russells in my life for 10 short years. If you are feeling the loss of a loved one, I hope you reach out to your family and friends and take the time to realize how you are better for having your lost loved one in your life for the time you did. Loss is hard. My hope is that by sharing this I help someone see a brighter side. 

"We will never be the same as we were before this loss, but are ever so much better for having had something so great to lose."

Make time to find why you are better and make today count.

Let's Celebrate Maryland Day and that Colorful State Flag!

Maryland State Capital and Maryland Dog Supplies

Not sure if all states have an official Day to celebrate their statehood, but Maryland pride runs deep and this state definitely does! 

So you're in the know here's a quick history of why and when Maryland Day began...

The holiday marks the anniversary of when the first European settlers arrived in Maryland. The date was March 25,1634 when two ships, The Ark and The Dove, landed in what is now St. Mary's County. While the date began to be formally observed in 1903 to celebrate Maryland's history, it wasn't until 1916 when the State legislature authorized March 25 as "Maryland Day", a legal holiday. The Day continues to be a commemoration of the state's history and heritage...and of course provides a good reason to come together and celebrate!

Events celebrating this history can be found across the state on and around Maryland Day. However, you will find Marylanders enjoy showing their state spirit year-round. Visit Maryland and it's hard to leave without seeing something that features the Maryland flag in all its artistic design and vibrant glory.

Lab Maryland Flags

The celebration of Maryland doesn't fall short then it comes to man's best friend. Canines hold their tails high sporting Maryland flag collars and Maryland flag crab collars, while their humans tag along holding a Maryland flag leash. Paws pet boutique is anchored in the state capital of Annapolis, which is always voted one of the top dog-friendly towns in America. In addition to noticing water bowls in front of shops and restaurants, you'll see plenty of car bumpers displaying their love of dog and state with Maryland Flag dog magnets and stickers. Homes and yards are decorated year-round with Maryland Flag dog flags, door mats and sun catchers. People even wear charms in the shape of Maryland with a paw print marking the state capital. Yes, Marylanders are a little fanatical when it comes to celebrating their state pride, but we like it that way!

Lab Maryland Flag Magnets

Whether you are a state resident or just want to join in the fun, you're sure to enjoy the spirit of all things Maryland on Maryland Day or any day. Life is short. Make today count.

There you have it. You now have a taste of how Maryland Day started and know that the appreciation of Maryland continues to this day!

12 Fabulous Valentine's Day Dog, Cat and People Gifts

Valentine's Day is always a holiday that sneaks up on you. To be a little better prepared to celebrate unconditional love we came up with 12 Special Valentine gifts for pets and their people at Paws pet boutique

Check out these unique dog collars for your furry valentines, heart paw print jewelry for you, or a special someone, and fun pet signs that make perfect gifts for animal lovers!

Happy Emoji Dog Toys for Valentines Day

#1.  Feeling Happy and Loved Emoji Dog Toys for your furry valentines.

Pink Dog Collars, Pink Valentine Dog Collars

Pink Dog Leashes, Pink Valentine Dog LeashesDaisy and Heart Dog Collars Made in USA


#2.  Valentine Pink Dog Collars with Hearts or Hearts and Daisy Dog Collars (made in USA)

#3.  Valentine Pink Dog Leashes with Hearts above make it a perfect pair. (made in USA)

Heart Dog Collars, Valentine Dog Collars for Boys Heart Dog Leashes, Valentine Dog Leashes for Boys

#4.  Bones and Heart Collars are sharp Valentine collars for boy dogs. (made in USA)

#5.  Bones and Hearts Dog Leashes pair with collars for dapper dogs. (made in USA)

Heart Paw Print Earrings for Valentines DayAlways in Your Heart Paw Charms by Tracy Menz

#6.  Heart Paw Print Earrings made with recycled fine silver by Tracy Menz.(made in USA)

#7.  Always in your Heart Paw Charms by Tracy add a little love to any necklace & make you feel good. (USA)

Unconditional Love Dog SignsCats Leave Paws Prints On Heart Signs for Cat Lovers

#8.  Loving Dog Heart Signs remind us of the power of dogs' love. Follow your dog's lead.

#9.  Cats Leave Paw Prints on Your Heart Signs remind us of the impact of furry feline valentines.

Kiss Your Dog Daily Signs for Dog LoversDog Can't Hold It's Licker Signs, Lots of Dog Kisses

#10.Kiss Your Dog Daily Signs...Well that's a given, need we say more?

#11.Beware Dog Can't Hold It's Licker Signs caution you of free doggie kisses ahead!

Stainless Heart Pet ID Tags with Free Shipping

#12. Stainless Heart Pet ID Tags are the most important item on our list. Make sure your best friend is wearing an up-to-date tag. ID Tags ship FREE too!

All You Need Is Love and A Dog Pillows

BONUS Idea...All You Need is Love and a Dog Pillow (Kona you look like a Valentines Day dog!)

So remember to share the love with your furry valentines on February 14th! We wouldn't want to imagine a world without companion animals by our sides, so lets celebrate them. Have a happy-tail kind of day!

Paw Print Jewelry, Behind the Scenes with Tracy Menz Designs

Tracy Menz Designer of Paw Print Jewelry

One by one...that's how our silver paw print jewelry is created thanks to Tracy Menz Designs. Wanting to learn a little more about what inspires Tracy and the steps involved in making her artistic jewelry, we set up an interview with her. We learned there is a lot of work that goes into each piece of dog jewelry or cat jewelry!

Q: The jewelry you create is very organic with a nod to nature. What led you to design a line of animal-inspired jewelry?

A: My inspiration flows from how our natural surroundings create an authentic beauty that is organic and textural. I have an unbridled love for all things outdoors... the water, animals, and sunshine. I grew up in a rural setting and was exposed to horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, fish and guinea pigs at an early age. I developed a keen appreciation to love all creatures great and small. I raised my children on the water and they too have a love for nature. Because of this exposure to nature, I create pieces reflective of this love for the outdoors and the ocean.

Silver Angel Wing Charms

Q: What types of materials do you use to make your one-of-a-kind pieces?

A: In keeping with my love of nature, my work is centered on reclaimed product... metals and gems. My material of choice is Pure Metal Clay (PMC). PMC is a fabulous medium I fell in love with the first time I touched it. It is made of reclaimed silver nano particles and is 99.99% pure silver. PMC is mixed with an organic binder that allows the precious metal to become malleable, so I am able to carve, mold and design products to fit a clients request. Once a charm is carved, formed and textured, the metal clay is dried slowly, then fired in a kiln, polished, and finished. To bring out textures, I use an organic oxidizer to darken areas for added depth, and then polished the piece again. I like to add local sea glass that I have found on the Eastern Shore, as well as shells and gemstones. Additionally I enjoy incorporating antique wax seals and stamps or molds I have created into my pieces.

Faithful Dog Charm Jewelry

Q: Knowing you Tracy, a lot of love goes into each of your pieces. From start to finish how long does it take to make a charm and what steps are involved with its creation?

A: Thank you Michelle! I definitely try to put effort and personalize artistic touch into each piece. Every piece is handmade, one at a time, so no two are ever the same. Each one will be “imperfectly perfect” as I am not perfect but diligently strive to make each piece so. It takes approximately 3-4 days to design a piece 

Maryland Paw Print Jewelry

start to finish. This includes the drawing, the PMC work, the firing and the final polishing. Some pieces can take longer, depending on the complexity and intricacy of the design. For example, my “Love Maryland Paw Charm” took several weeks to complete from preliminary design to finished product. Once I have a vision of the piece I want to create, I first render a rough drawing, and then I work out the size and shape with paper. I then move on to creating the drawing in Pure Metal Clay. The “Love Maryland Paw Charm” took several iterations in order for the state of Maryland design to lie correctly when placed on a chain. Using PMC, I am able to carve, mold and design to fit my needs as well as the client’s needs. Once the charm is carved and formed, and texture added (I like using what nature provides... a shell, pine needle, nuts, leaves etc.). The metal clay is dried slowly and then any final touches such as creating the hole or bail for the charm to hang are added. The piece is then hand-sanded, and placed in the kiln to be fired from 1290 - 1650 degrees. The finished product comes out of the kiln perfectly hardened into Fine Silver. I then hand polish and sand each piece until “charmingly” finished. There will be slight imperfections. Just like nature, not perfect but still unique and beautiful.

Q: While we love offering your line of jewelry that celebrates companion animals at Paws, you design many other types of jewelry pieces. Where can people find your jewelry?

A: I love creating my pet jewelry line exclusively for Paws Pet Boutique. You cannot find these pieces anywhere else. However, you can find my other jewelry designs locally at Whole Foods Markets in Annapolis and Columbia MD. My gemstone and luxe collections can be found at Wrabyn in West Annapolis, Meadow Hill Wellness Center in Annapolis, and if you happen to be on the West Coast, please visit Europa Boutique in Mendocino, CA for authentic Fort Bragg Sea Glass creations. In prehistoric time, the Fort Bragg, CA area was home to the Native Americans, most of whom belonged to the Pomo tribe. Glass Beach is on the edge of town, along the Pacific Ocean. The tides in the area bring old, discarded glass pieces to the beach daily. A friend collects the Fort Bragg glass and sends them to me for my uniquely California designs.

Thanks for sharing a behind-the-scenes look at your beautiful jewelry Tracy! We've always liked to call it feel-good jewelry because you can feel the love that goes into each piece. Come see Tracy's pieces at Paws pet boutique downtown Annapolis or check out her paw print jewelry and other dog jewelry and cat jewelry lines on our website.

Pet Inspirations Bring the Best Resolutions, Now is the Time!

Here we are one week into 2016. A new day, week or year can provide a feeling of a fresh start. While some people make resolutions for guidance in their lives, I have found some of the best mentors of everyday life right in front of me...my companion animals!

Your pet knows how to make today really count. Appreciate the simple things like smelling the air on a clear day, meeting someone new, enjoying a special snack and spending time with those important to you, while always greeting them with appreciation. Get out and exercise and take advantage of napping opportunities especially in sunny spots. 

Here are four items that may help to remind you to stay on track with your pet today...this week and in the year ahead.

Live in the Moment Can or Bottle Neoprene Dog Koozies

Paws Living | Live the Moment. Make Today Count.

'Life is Just Better When I'm With My Dog' Quote Signs

Life is Better with My Dog Signs

'Life without Cats...I Don't Think So' Pet Quote Signs

Life Without Cats, I Don't Think So Signs

Always in My Heart Silver Pet Paw Charms remind you to follow your heart.

Handmade Silver Pet Paw Charms

Our furry friends may not have all the answers, but if you're open they'll teach you a whole lot about life and yourself. 

Wishing you a good day, week and year ahead with those important to you. 

Make a tail wag for a guaranteed smile. Now is the time.

A Tribute to Ben, Paws Mascot and Beloved Jack Russell

Ben ready for his Waterfront Benefit

If we're lucky once in a lifetime we'll have an opportunity to live with a soul mate dog. Ben our beloved Jack Russell was just that dog.

Ben was always happy to help ALDF

He had existed with 300+ other dogs until Animal Legal Defense Fund took the hoarder to court and eventually won their freedom for a life of love. We saw his photo and knew we wanted to foster and adopt him once the case was won. It was 2006 when he arrived at Paws pet boutique thanks to an animal-lover helping transport dogs from Sanford, NC. Scared stiff with big innocent eyes and yellow fur from living in urine, he was beautiful to us.

Amazing what love can do. Over time he became less timid and actually enjoyed meeting people ready to give him a treat or a belly rub. He always remained tentative until he got to know you, but once he did he never forgot you. Greeting guests in our store especially other dogs became his specialty...along with sitting by the treat jar. Gentle Ben was a lovable, funny and memorable fellow that turned out to be cute as a button with gorgeous white fur and perky ears. A friend summed him up perfectly describing him as a little dapper man in a Jack Russell suit.

He was bigger than life and was the master at seizing the moments. From jumping on the bed first thing in the morning to throw his favorite egg balls in the airBen loved being Paws pet boutique's Store dog to barking in the air to let the world know he was happy to rolling on his back in the car every time he jumped in, Ben loved life. Never a complainer, he would even wait in line behind the cat for the water bowl. There was no question though that his Mom was his soul mate and he always looked to her for guidance and reassurance.

Ben's Dazzling Online Auction

Ben was the inspiration for us. We were so moved by him that we started fundraisers in his name sake to benefit the group that rescued him. From 5 Ben's Cruises to Ben's Waterfront Bash to Ben's Dazzling Online Auction and many Ben's Raffles, thousands of dollars were raised to help other animals and bring awareness to this important charity. Ben learned to love being the center of attention and having his photo taken. He knew when to turn it on. His last social appearance was November 18 when a group of government officials came to the store to present a certificate of recognition for the store. He was looking dapper as ever, wearing a red tux bandanna and doing his part socializing better than any other dog could. We would love to do that day all over again.

Paws pet boutique would not be what it is today without Ben. There will never be another Ben.

Ben passed away on Thanksgiving 2015 from unexpected gallbladder surgery. He will always be missed deeply by his family. A friend pondered why it was on Thanksgiving that he passed away and shared "Maybe it's because of the huge positive impact that his life had on so many people and animals in this world. Maybe to remind us to give thanks for the special people and animals in our lives and the wonderful connections that we share with them." We like to think this was the reason. Almost ten years with him wasn't enough and the ending was so unexpected. He will always be in our hearts and we can't wait to be reunited with him in another life. Ben rescued us.

8 Great Gifts for Wine and Dog Lovers

Sit, Stay, Drink Cocktail Napkins for Dog Lovers and Other Entertaining Ideas

Pair dog lovers and wine lovers together and you come up with some wonderfully unique gifts!

For those who love wine and dogs, or simply entertaining with a cheerful twist, you don't want to miss these 8 canine-vino finds...

#1. Dog and Drink Napkins: "Sit, Stay, Drink" ($4.95) - Don't Hudson and Fitz look right at home with the napkins and wine?

                    Dogs and Wine Cocktail Napkins

You Are Not Drinking Alone When the Dog is Home Signs | Dog Lover

 Water Dog Wine Glasses | Stemless Wine Dog Glasses  Sit, Stay Drink Dog Corkscrews | Dog Lover Gifts

#2. Dog and Wine Sign: "You're not Really Drinking Alone When the Dog is Home"  ($12.95)

#3. Stemless Dog Wine Glasses: Swimming Dog Stemless Wine Glasses ($16.95)

#4. Wine Dog Corkscrew Opener: "Sit, Stay, Drink" Stainless Corkscrew ($9.50)

Drink Wine and Pet My Dog Signs | Dog Lover

Wine Bottle Dog Toys | Squeaky Dog Toys    Wineing Dog Coasters | Wine Dog Coasters

#5. Dog Lover/Wine Lover Sign: "I just want to Drink Wine and Pet my Dog" ($16.50)

#6. Wine Bottle Dog Toy: Kennel Relaxin' Squeaky Dog Toys ($12)      

#7. Dogs Wineing Drink Coasters: Set of 4 Dogs Drinking Wine Coasters; Many breeds from which to select! ($36.50)

Wine More Bark Less Cocktail Napkins | Dog Party Napkins

Wine Stalker Napkins | Wine and Cat Gifts

# 8. Wine Dog Cocktail Napkins: "Wine More, Bark Less" Dog Cocktail Napkins ($4.95 )

We had to throw in a 9th favorite for the feline-vino lovers....

#9*. Wine Cat Cocktail Napkins: "Wine Stalker" Cat Napkins ($4.95)

There you have it. Great gifts for those dog lovers on your list who also like to sip a glass of wine from time to time. If you're planning gatherings during the holidays we've found the napkins add a fun conversation element to parties. Don't forget our dog boutique always offers complimentary gift wrapping all the time. 

Wishing you a cheerful day today and during the holiday season! 

12 Favorite Holiday Dog Collars As Unique as Your Dog!

The season to spruce up your dog's neck attire is coming! Are you in search for the perfect Christmas collar that suits your best friend? You're looking for something that matches their personality with a little bit of your style, right? Our dog boutique searches high and low to find unique holiday collars made in USA for the dapper to the whimsical. Take a look at twelve of our favorite collars and you'll likely find a holiday dog collar that's perfect for your constant companion. Better yet, all these dog collars are under $25!


Houndstooth Red Flower Holiday Dog Collars

Houndstooth Dapper Dog Bow-tie Collars

Winter Snowmen Dog Collars Made in USA

Black and White Houndstooth Red Flower Dog Collars add an elegant pop of color to any girl.

Black and White Houndstooth Bow-Tie Dog Collars for stylish party attire or any day.

Frosty the Snowman Dog Collars for those that love the snow and winter season.


Red Plaid Christmas Flower Dog Collars

Boats and Buoys Holiday Dog Collars

Red Plaid Christmas Dog Bow-tie Collars

Red Plaid Flower Christmas Dog Collars made in USA feature a detachable flower.

Cool bobbing boats with trees and buoys make the perfect nautical holiday dog collars!

Dapper Red Plaid Bow-tie Dog Collars will add a festive spirit to any little pup or big dog out there.


Candy Cane Bone Dog Collars | Cute Christmas Dog Collars

Gingerbread Dog Collars Made in USA | Big Dog Christmas Collars

 Festive Holiday Dot Dog Collars

Candy Cane Bone Dog Collars made in USA to look great on 2 pound dogs to 120 pound dogs!

Gingerbread Dog Collars aren't too bright or too dull, they are just right and fit even the big dogs.

Whimsical and fun our Green Dot Dog Holiday Collars add a splash of color and can style through March.


Naughty or Nice Dog Collars | Fun Christmas Dog Collars

Sparkly Red Ornament Dog Collars

Green Bow-tie Dog Collars Made in USA

Nice-Naughty Dog Collars have your dog's behavior covered for the year. Let's start fresh with a new year!

Bone Ornaments Sparkle on these Red Holiday Dog Collars. Just enough bling to stand out in the pack.

Green Gingham Bow-tie Collars are nice for the holiday season or anytime! Bow-tie detaches if desired.

So there you have it. Cute holiday dog collars for the twelve days of Christmas and more! All of these unique holiday dog collars are made in USA and nicely priced. Every day of the season you'll enjoy seeing your best friend wearing a special collar selected just for them. May your holidays be happy and allow you time to make your best furry friend's days bright. Happy memories are the best gift.


Your Search for Maryland Dog Flag Items is Over!

While I may be bias, the Maryland flag is the most colorful and hip state flag out there. On top of that, the state capital of Annapolis is one of the most dog-friendly towns you'll find in the country. So of course our dog boutique offers the best selection of Maryland dog flag items.  

Here are our Top 9 Canine Maryland Flag items... 

Maryland Dog Flag with Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Maryland Flag - Did you know the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is Maryland state dog? This beautiful retriever was designated as the state's dog in 1964.

Maryland Flag Dog Collars, Annapolis Maryland

Maryland Flag Dog Collars - Made in USA Dog Collars

Did you know the year was 1880 when the Maryland State Flag was first flown in Baltimore at a parade marking the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Baltimore? The flag was officially adopted as the State Flag in 1904.

Maryland Flag Leashes

Maryland Flag Dog Leashes to Enjoy Dog-friendly Annapolis

Maryland Dog Flag with Yellow Lab

Maryland Dog Flags featuring a Yellow Lab - Designed by an Annapolis artist!

These dog garden flags always look so happy and colorful in our flower pots in front of our pet boutique.

Maryland Dog Flag, Black Lab

Maryland Dog Flags featuring Black Lab - Share your Love of Dogs and Pride of State

Maryland Paws Print Silver Charms

Maryland Paw Print Charm - Handmade Locally by Tracy Menz Designs with fine recycled silver.

Maryland Dog Flag Magnet | Maryland Dog Flag Decal

Maryland Flag Dog Decals and Magnets - Personalize your car, binder, laptop, refrigerator, file cabinet...

Maryland Flag Crab Collars in Annapolis

Maryland Flag Crab Unique Dog CollarsDid you know the Maryland Blue Crab was designated the official State Crustacean in 1989? Just a little taste of Maryland history.

Maryland Flag Crab Dog Leashes

Maryland Crab Flag Dog Leashes - Coordinate with your Maryland Flag Collar or Crab Collar

Whether you live/lived in Maryland or simply love the groovy flag design, share your love of the Chesapeake region and canine companions with one of these unique items. They make great gifts too.

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