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What a Difference the Right Dog Collar Makes

Bones and Hearts Collar on Ben of PawsPetBoutique.com

What a person is wearing, just like what a dog is sporting on their neck, makes statement. While the personality of the dog and it's person can come through with a unique dog collar selection, it's also important to make sure you opt for the right collar for your best friend. Dogs are all different, just like people.

Materials matter. If your dog has sensitive skin, consider choosing a hemp-lined dog 

Soft Hemp Pink Daisy Dog Collars at PawsPetBoutique.com

collar, which is super soft and durable. The hemp fiber that is used to create this soft and eco-friendly collar option is grown without chemicals or pesticides. Additionally, having a collar that can be easily washed is important. Would you want to wear the same shirt for months...or years? Most fabric collars, many with colorful ribbon detail, can be placed in a mesh bag and washed in the machine on a gentle cycle. It's easy and insures your dog is wearing something fresh and clean.

Style matters. If your dog has a neck larger than their head, it's a matter of time before the collar simply slips off and your dog is loose! A martingale dog collar will snug up slightly when pulled by a leash to insure it does not slip over your pup's head on walks. Dogs like Greyhounds normally wear this style of collar or dog harnesses for safety and control on walks. Otherwise, for most dogs a quick release buckle style collar is a great option. They are easy to size precisely to fit, as well as to place on and remove. You should be able to easily place 2 fingers or so between your dog's neck and collar. Make sure the buckle is sturdy, durable and secure. If chewed, make sure you replace as the integrity may be compromised.

Tiny Dog Collars for Small Dogs at PawsPetBoutique.com

Size matters. Consider the width of the collar. From my experience with the dogs we've fit in our dog boutique over the years, we recommend a collar in a 1" or 1.25" for large dogs like Retrievers and Boxers. Medium size dogs do great in a 3/4" wide to a 1.25" wide collar and small dogs can wear a 5/8" wide to a 1" wide collar depending on their shape and neck length. You don't want your dog's movement to be impeded by his or her collar. Lastly, a toy size pup (under 10 lbs.) normally will wear a 1/2" to a 5/8" wide collar. Extra small dogs warrant tiny dog collars! Do not select a cat collar for a tiny dog, as the buckle is designed to open when pulled on a cat collar.

Design matters, or at least we think so. This is the best part! Selecting a unique dog 

Unique Crab and Nautical Dog Collars at PawsPetboutique.com

collar that looks fabulous on your dog and fits the lifestyle and personality of you and your dog is fun. Nautical dog collars are perfect for water dogs or those who live and/or love the waterfront, while floral dog collars would be a good selection for feminine dogs and/or those who like to garden. Giving your dog a fun themed collar will provide a different first impression than spiked dog collars for example. The decision is yours. Enjoy browsing and shopping a splendid selection of U.S made unique dog collars at Paws pet boutique, a dog boutique known for it's collar collection and fabulous customer service.

On a final note, we wanted to let you know about a great little gadget...removable ID holders. If you like to change your dog's collar out frequently (like I do), consider picking up a pet ID holder that easily moves from collar to collar. No more fighting with tag rings or 'S' hooks each time you want to change your best friend's neck attire. These are 

Removable ID Tag Holders and Pet ID Tags at PawsPetBoutique.com

available at Pawspetboutique.com, as well as pet ID tags and pet tag silencers. We can't stress enough how important it is that your best friend have an ID tag on the collar you select!

Now that you know the ins and outs of collar comforts, styles and fashions you are set to go make a difference with your dog's collar! Have fun. Dogs do.

Dog Collars vs. Cat Collars, What's the Difference?

All collars are not made equal. Whenever someone purchases a tiny collar in our pet boutique we always try ask if they have a tiny dog or a cat. The collar difference is in the buckle.

Cats love to explore and perch on high objects, whether it be a tree or shed outside or a dresser in your home. They also

like to slither into tight spots like under fences and beds. This leaves plenty of opportunities to catch a cat collar. That's why kitty collars have a special buckle that should release when tugged, like in an emergency! While cat collars buckles are designed to release for safety purposes, you do not want a dog collar to release. On a dog walk you definitely want the collar to stay on securely as it is attached to the leash and ultimately to you!  Additionally, dogs tend not to find themselves in the same positions as cats where their collars could potentially become stuck. On a side note, make sure when sizing your pet's collar you want to be able to comfortably fit two fingers between your pet's neck and the collar. We never recommend leaving on a martingale collar (soft-choke) or choke collar on a dog unattended. These dog collar styles are made for dog walking. Additionally, we don't recommend tie-out in any style collar.

So while cat collars and tiny dog collars can be finished with colorful ribbons that add personality and look almost identical, check the buckle to make sure you have the right collar for your best furry friend. On a final note, we'll also add that neoprene stretchy cat collars are another great option that provide enough give for cats to wiggle out of if necessary. They are light in weight and soft so most cats don't seem to mind wearing them one bit.

Next time your little furry companion needs new neck attire you'll know what to select. And don't forget your pet id tags! Unique collars can make a fashion statement, but it's always important that your dog or cat collar has an ID tag attached to help your best friend find their way home if lost. Lastly, remember that life is short, so love the ones you're with!

Sleeps with Dogs Club

Are you a dog snuggler? If so, you are among the millions of people in the U.S. that enjoy the benefits of snoozing with their best furry friends. I like to think of us as a club of animal lovers that truly appreciate and seek the company dogs. In addition to being fantastic bed warmers in the colder temperatures, don't you agree that just watching your dog or cat sleep provides a sense of peace and comfort? We know it's been proven that spending time with companion animals can lower blood pressure and reduce stress, so we're proud to celebrate our dog relationships! 

As a member of the 'Sleeps with Dogs Club' I enjoy seeking and sharing unique goods that celebrate my love for dogs. Here are a few of my favorite things...

Sleeps with Dogs baseball hats in blue or red are perfect for walking your dog and meeting others that are in our 'Sleeps with Dogs Club'.

Red Sleeps with Dogs Baseball Hats            Blue Sleeps with Dogs Baseball Hats

For a little comfort, add a neutral colored pillow sharing our motto "I sleep with dogs" to any spot in your home. You may just find your best friend curled up by it!

I Sleep With Dogs Pillow  Nothing Comes Between Us Except the Dog Pillowcases

The ultimate dog-lover gift is a pair of True Love Dog Pillow Cases with the saying "True Love means nothing comes between us except the dog". Almost too perfect to cover with a bedspread.

So if you enjoy sharing some zzzzs and dreaming about good things with your faithful companion by your side, rest assured you are not alone. You are a proud member of our 'Sleeps with Dogs' Club that requires no registration except sharing some quality time with your best friend. They don't ask for much, but they sure give us a tremendous amount back.

Dogs Look Stately in Maryland Flag Crab Dog Collars & Spirited in Natty Boh Dog Collars

c-l-mdflag-crab-nattybohsw.jpgWhether you reside in Maryland or simply enjoy visiting the state and it's dog-friendly towns, sharing this spirit through your dog is something you can enjoy every day. "What's that 'Hon" you say? Let us suggest a fetching Maryland Flag dog collar for your best friend that even has a Maryland Flag leash to match for your dog walks. Too stately for you? Consider a Maryland Flag Crab collar that incorporates the flag into the crab. Classic, don't you think? The navy blue ribbon makes the look a little more subtle but still spicy. With Maryland flags and crabs you can't go wrong.

Baltimore, Maryland is known for many things, but the uncrowned king and treasured icon of the community is definitely Mr. Boh. This little one-eyed, mustache-clad smiling face has quite a following and has represented this beer brand since 1933. This fun spirit is shared on USA made Natty Boh dog collars, leashes and even key fobs for your dog walking key. Available in 3/4" and 1 1/4" widths in red, purple or pink dog collars. 

Why be bland when you and your dog can proudly stand out of the pack? Wherever you live you can add a twist of style and have some fun by selecting unique dog collars and leashes that make a statement. Your dog is your best furry friend so share what you love with him or her. Plus you have the benefit of enjoying what your pup is wearing every day! It's the simple things in life that make it rich...

- Michelle

animal-lover and founder of PawsPetBoutique.com located in Annapolis, Maryland since 1999

Honoring Companion Animals with Unique Pet Sympathy Gifts

tm-initalpilingw.jpg"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

This touching quote by Anatole France shares the deep and tender impact animals can have in our lives. More than likely a companion animal is with you day and night and you have been responsible for their well being. Celebrating the animal and honoring their life can be a positive way to bring forward good memories that one can always hold close once they are gone. Each life is meaningful and has impact.

From my own experience I have learned it takes time to mourn the loss of a dog or cat before you can reach a place where the happy memories are stronger than the sadness. The time this takes is different for everyone. Receiving support from others is always helpful even if it means no words are spoken. Giving a unique pet sympathy gift is a heatfelt way to show someone you care and realize the importance an animal has in life. 

You'll find a special selection of pet sympathy gifts at Paws pet boutique. Dogs and cats do leave pawprints on your heart, so the simple block signs that share this sentiment are a perfect way to celebrate the memories. Both a cat sign and dog sign are available and will let someone know you are thinking of them. 

"Heaven's the place where all the dogs you have ever met come to greet you" is captured on a white wood sign that is proudly made in USA. A wire makes it easy to hang in a special place. These signs have helped to heal many a broken heart.






Anyone who wears a handmade pure silver charms offered from Paws pet boutique will feel the love used to make it. Maryland artisan Tracy Menz makes each of these animal-inspired charms from recycled pure fine silver. Her charms include hand-stamped letter charms that can be paired with an angel wing, paw printed heart, bone or guardian angel charm. Each charm is unique just like our companion animals. Paw printed heart earrings can also help to mend a broken heart. These special animal-inspirted jewelry pieces are offered exclusively through Paws pet boutique.



We are so grateful for the unconditional love given so freely by animals. One of these gifts may help to keep the love and memories alive. A quote by Lacie Petitto says it all,

"A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered."

May you cherish and keep those memories close to your heart.

 - Michelle

founder of Paws pet boutique






10 Unique Gifts for Dog Lovers Under $25

Those of us who thoroughly enjoy life with our furry companions appreciate giving and receiving unique gifts that celebrate dogs. It doesn't have to be something big or expensive, just that the gesture is heartfelt. To make it easy, here are 10 unique inexpensive dog gifts for people to give you some ideas:





"I Sleep with Dogs" Pillow for $16.95





"Life Without Dogs, I Don't Think So" Wooden Sign for $11





"Agenda for the Day, Let the Dog In, Let the Dog out..." USA Made Sign for $15






Bright 3-Bulb Safety Beacon Light for Dog Walks priced at $17.50






Pure Silver Handmade Heart and Paw Print Charm made in USA for only $22






Red "Sit, Stay, Drink" Dog Corkscrew and Bottle Opener for $9.50






Can Huggie or Koozie featuring Your Best Friend for $4.75






Stemless Swimming Dog Beverage Glasses for Wine, Beer, Juice priced at $16.95







Pilsner Dog Glass with a Paddling Pup around the Rim for $15.95





frame-wagw.jpgWag Photo Frame made in USA to Remember Your Best Friend for only $17.50




For more unique inexpensive gift ideas visit PawsPetBoutique.com online or in Annapolis, Maryland. You'll find special gifts for dogs, cats and the people who love them!

The shop is an established (opened in 1999) cat and dog boutique operated by local Annapolitans who always are giving back to the community and animal welfare charities. You'll love the exceptional personal service and gift wrapping is always complimentary too!

Check them out!


Unique Holiday Dog Collars Made in USA

bowtie-holidaypairw.jpgA dog's collar makes a statement, don't you think? It adds to the first impression. Plus, YOU, the dog's person, has the opportunity to enjoy it every day!

We search high and low for the most unique dog collars made in USA. They need to be stylish yet functional (yes, this includes washable) with patterns to match different personalities. The holiday season is no different. It's a wonderful time to add a little spirit to your pup's neck attire!

From candy cane dog bones to seasonal holiday dots, we have brought together a nice selection of holiday dog collars made in USA. Some dog collars are lined in hemp, while others are covered completely in a colorful holiday fabric or feature a unique seasonal ribbon or even a bowtie. Whatever your taste, our dog boutique has a special holiday dog collar for your best friend. 

So don't forget your best friend. Celebrate him or her with one of these snazzy unique dog collars and maybe even throw in some special dog toys or dog bakery treats!

Life is short. Take time to enjoy those you love.

- Michelle

Paws pet boutique founder

Add a Dog Walk, Unique Collar or Special Toy to Celebrate Your Dog - Your Best Friend

Isn't it amazing how dogs sense the excitement in the air around the holidays? They know it is a time of celebration and a time to be with those who are important in life. I have learned never to under estimate the intelligence and intuition of a dog. In fact, you can learn a lot from them!

Dogs are amzing at sharing unconditional so don't forget to show your appreciation. Adding an extra dog walk with a unique dogs leash, special toy to play with our treat to savor during the holiday season is sure to be appreciated by your faithful companion. You'll find many unique dog collars (including holiday dog collars), special all natural USA baked dog treats and holiday dog toys at our dog boutique in Annapolis and online. 

We have enjoyed seeking out unique dog gifts for people and pups since 1999 and feel we have a little something different for everyone! Gift wrapping is complimentary too. When shopping our online dog boutique, simply add a note with the items you'd like gift wrapped in the comment section and consider it done. We love helping our customers find unique holiday dog gifts

Thanks for sharing your life with a dog. Our sign "Life without dogs, I don't think so" says it all. 

Enjoy your time with your dog.





- founder of Paws pet boutique

Cheers to Swimming Dog Wine-Beer-Beverage Glasses for People Who Love Dogs

Add a splash of spirit to your next gathering with dog-themed glasses, cocktails napkins, dog can koozies and even dog corkscrews. Swimming Dog Wine Glasses, Paddling Pup Pilsner Beer Glasses, Stemless Dog Beverage Glasses, Swimming Dog Champagne Glasses and Merry Martini Dog Glasses will cover serving all beverage bases! It's a great way to get the conversation started at your next dinner party. Add "Sit, Stay, Drink" dog cocktail napkins and happy dog corkscrews to the mix and you are ready to entertain! Make it a party to remember.

If you are looking for hostess gifts for dog-lovers, a pair of dog beverage glasses or party animals dog coasters will leave a memorable "thank you" with your host or hostess. Wrap a pack or two of the dog cocktail napkins with a dog corkscrew for a unique hostess gift that will go with the bottles of wine that will be left behind when the party is over. Pick up some unique dog gifts for people this season and share the spirit of unconditional love. Cheers!  -Michelle, Founder of PawsPetBoutique.com



If My Dog Doesn't Like You, I Probably Won't Either - Unique Gifts for the Love of Dogs and Cats

In the 90's I started a pet boutique in Annapolis, Maryland for the love of dogs and cats. My dog Jonah and cat B.J. at the time inspired me to seek out unique gifts for them and also for me - and others like me! We love the unique collars and goods we offer for dogs and cats, but we're equally excited about the collection of dog and cat specialty items we offer for YOU that celebrate life with them.

Our dog shirts that share the sniff test philosophy "If my dog doesn't like you, I probably won't either" or our dog baseball hats embroidered with "Sleeps with Dogs" get right to the point. For many people companion animals are a vital part of their life and a loving part of their family. I proudly put myself in that category and enjoy seeking and sharing goods that celebrate that special relationship.


My home is warmed with many of our unique pet goods. As I write this blog wearing my "Where I go, Dog Follows..." cozy dog sweatshirt and pet intial silver necklace, I have one of our waterdog stemless glasses on my desk and am looking at a cat sign "Life without a Cat, I don't think so". I think it's fair to say I am in this business truly for the love of dogs, cats and animals for that matter.

 So if you are looking for unique pet gifts for dogs, cats or people I believe you will find them at Paws pet boutique. From hand-painted cat and dog mugs, carved wooden dogs and hand-painted dog holiday balls to dog hooked pillows, cat and dog signs and nautical dog hats you will discover something carefully selected for its uniqueness and fairly priced. We're are proud to offer a generous selection of USA made products for dogs, cats and people.

As a small business owner, we sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to serving animal lovers for many more years. Life is better because of the love of dogs and cats. Thank you for taking the time to make their lives special. It's time for me to sign off and take my dogs for walk now. As our sign reads "Agenda for the day, let the dog in, let the dog out, let the dog in..."

 - Michelle, Paws pet boutique founder

p.s. Paws pet boutique has partnered with Loews Annapolis Hotel for many years to host a Friday night dog-friendly charity series called "Canines & Cocktails for a Cause". We love to give back through our many dog-friendly events. If you too enjoy the combination of a good dog dog, wine or beer, don't miss our swimming dog wine glasses, dog pilsner glasses, party animal dog coasters and dog "sit, stay and drink" cocktail napkins. They'll certainly add spirit to your next gathering.

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