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Here to Brighten Your Day #PawsTogether

Posted by Michelle, Pet Mom and Founder of Paws pet boutique on

While we may not be able to gather, there is no doubt we are stronger together.

Looking for good vibes? Pets have the remarkable ability to motivate, challenge and support us, without speaking a word. Our Paws Community of fur-kid families is no less amazing. Let's follow our pets' leads and keep each other motivated and upbeat during this new way of living. 

Tomorrow is April Fools Day. Unfortunately COVID-19 is no joke, as we begin a new month in this new way of living. Who knew social distancing would be common lingo and 6 feet describes more than the length of your dog's leash. To help connect and inspire each other, we're creating a PawsTogether Bright Spot post every day in April. 

Let's look for bright spots and share with #PawsTogether.

With a gratitude attitude, Paws plans to share a happy photo and/or upbeat thought daily on our Facebook and Instagram pages AND we encourage you to share yours on our page. So we can connect all the happy dots, please use the hashtag #PawsTogether

Let's create a super bright spot in everyone's day. Love always wins.

Stay connected. Be kind. Be well. Don't forget to wash your hands and do not touch your face unless your hands are washed. Lastly, thank a healthcare worker. Hope to 'see' you in April often.  

One a final note, Paws pet boutique's storefront is currently closed due to COVID-19, but our Online Shop is OPEN. Thank you for your support. Oh, and don't forget to get outside and walk a dog!

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