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I Support Small Businesses. Here's Why...

Posted by Liz Smorse, Currently Studying Public Relations and Marketing at University of Dayton on

Individuals who choose to work at Paws pet boutique share our enthusiasm for companion animals, unique products and exceptional service. We thought you'd enjoy hearing how one of our Paws Team members felt about being part of a small business. In Liz's own words, here's her perspective:

Paws pet boutique Team Philosophy

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappé, Author and Educator.

It has become increasingly popular to deviate from shopping at large retailers that are often impersonal and supply many of the same products as the competitor next door. While straying away, many consumers have found themselves greeted by local small businesses.

These small businesses offer a broad range of unparalleled products, and here are the reasons people are drawn to shopping local.


When someone visits a new town, the first thing they do when they get home is tell their friends what they did while on vacation. If they start with “I shopped at all of the same stores we go to at the mall every weekend at home,” their friends will have already stopped listening. One-of-a-kind stores offer clients a one-of-a-kind experience, make up the individuality of the town and get people excited to share their encounters. They make the client want to come back.

Client awareness & engagement (the client has a say)

When small businesses know their clients, they know what their clients like, what they use and how often they need it. This knowledge allows the business to easily update their inventory and accommodate based on the needs of their clients. Shopping local also allows for conversation regarding what changes and new products clients want to see, giving power to the business to make those changes. Any time Paws Pet Boutique doesn’t have an item in stock that a client is requesting, they will order it immediately and have it ready as soon as possible to stress their dedication.

Field expertise & diversity

To compete with national companies, those who work at local businesses must be experts in their field and strong advocates for what they are selling. Small business owners truly believe they are offering the best quality items in their stores and work to inform their clients so they share this belief. Therefore, many small business employees go the extra mile to make sure their client buys what will benefit their needs and leaves the store satisfied every time.

It’s common for small businesses to supply locally made products that are not typically sold in national retail stores. Paws provides the work of many local artists and products made in the U.S. including printscoasters and mugs. Local stores also often have products specific to their location. Due to the proximity of Paws to the waterfront and Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, shoppers can find toysmagnetsunique dog collars and leashes with designs relating to the this historic seaside town. Small businesses select their products based on both their own interests and the interests of those in their community.

Community outreach

Small businesses often donate to local nonprofits, organizations and events to show their support and help enrich their community. These groups tend to be clients of the small business, forming a full circle of community support. This summer, Paws is partnering with another local business, Dogwood Acres Pet Retreat, to sponsor an event series to support charities and raise awareness. Each event offers raffle prizes where 100% of the proceeds are donated to the event’s featured charity. The restaurant holding the event also donates a portion of their sales during the event to the charity. Community outreach like this is a way to spread appreciation for and understanding of different causes supported by local businesses.

Just remember… “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Next time you find yourself wanting to buy something new for yourself or someone you know, think about the experience you want to have and what you want to support.

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