Behind the Scenes at Paws pet boutique in Annapolis

Posted by Michelle, owner of Paws pet boutique in Annapolis, MD and on 3rd Oct 2014

Recently Paws pet boutique celebrated 15 years in business, and yes we served free dog cake that day of course! 

Ben celebrates 15th Anniversary of Paws pet boutique

As you can imagine, there have been many behind-the-scenes moments. Much time and consideration is applied to searching for and selecting unique dog collarscat toyspet-lover gifts and much more. We thought it would be fun to walk you through how an item lands on the shelves at our pet boutique.

We admit it. We live, breathe and celebrate companion animals in everything we do. So snapping photos of our dogs sitting and enjoying treats at their "grand-mom's" home is the norm for us. We find inspiration often in the simplest of moments...just like companion animals. A few dog photos inspired a new product for us!

Sprocket Inspires Make a Tail Wag Dog Shirts at PawsPetBoutique.comMake a Tail Wag Shirts at was inspired by a photo we took of our dog Sprocket.

We'll start by sharing our boutique's motto is "make a tail wag". When a dog wags his or her tail with happiness it's the equivalent of a human sharing a smile. Don't you think watching dogs wag their tails also encourages people smiles too? Based on this positive philosophy and Sprocket's happy tail photo, artwork was drawn and a product was born. 

At Paws pet boutique we like to work with and support small businesses, so we located a super nice woman nearby who was ready to help us. With her assistance we selected shirts, determined quantities and had them printed with our 'happy tail' art. Once finished, shirts were tagged, added to our inventory, folded and displayed for our customers to view and hopefully buy! Photos were taken and both our charcoal 'make a tail wag' shirts and navy 'happy tail' shirts were added to our website for all to see and shop. 

Make a Tail Wag Shirts at

Happy Tail Wag Navy Dog Shirts at

We love to share unique pet goods - especially ones that are made in USA. Each of our pet products is hand-selected for their uniqueness, good quality and fair pricing. Hope you enjoyed an inside peek at how things roll behind the scenes at Paws pet boutique. 

 Enjoy shopping and make a tail wag! You are sure to smile too.