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Celebrating Maryland Day

Posted by Michelle, founder of Paws pet boutique, established in 1999 in Annapolis, Maryland on

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Many love to celebrate Maryland pride, but do you know why and when Maryland Day began? 

The holiday marks the anniversary of when the first European settlers arrived in Maryland. The date was March 25,1634 when two ships, The Ark and The Dove, landed in what is now St. Mary's county. While the date began to be formally observed in 1903 to celebrate Maryland's history, it wasn't until 1916 when the State legislature authorized March 25 as "Maryland Day", a legal holiday. The Day continues to be a commemoration of the state's history and heritage.

While events to celebrate this history can be found across the state on and around Maryland Day, residents enjoy

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celebrating their Maryland pride with spirit year round. The colorful and vibrant Maryland flag is artistically captured in prints, souvenirs and just about any type of apparel. The celebration

doesn't fall short when it comes to man's best friend. Historic Annapolis, Maryland's state capital, is always recognized as one of the most dog-friendly towns to live and visit. Dogs sport Maryland Flag collars and leashesChesapeake crab dog collars decorated with the Maryland flag and even nautical dog collars with boats sailing Maryland flag sails! When you can easily spot cars with dog-shaped Maryland flag magnets and stickers on their bumpers, it is fair to say the Marylanders' love of state...and dogs...runs deep.

So next time you see a Maryland flag or hear about the state's official holiday you'll have a taste of how it all started and know that appreciation continues to this day!