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Your Search for Maryland Dog Flag Items is Over!

Posted by Michelle, founder of the Annapolis Dog Boutique Paws pet boutique on

While I may be bias, the Maryland flag is the most colorful and hip state flag out there. On top of that, the state capital of Annapolis is one of the most dog-friendly towns you'll find in the country. So of course our dog boutique offers the best selection of Maryland dog flag items.  

Here are our Top 9 Canine Maryland Flag items... 

Maryland Dog Flag with Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Maryland Flag - Did you know the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is Maryland state dog? This beautiful retriever was designated as the state's dog in 1964.

Maryland Flag Dog Collars, Annapolis Maryland

Maryland Flag Dog Collars - Made in USA Dog Collars

Did you know the year was 1880 when the Maryland State Flag was first flown in Baltimore at a parade marking the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Baltimore? The flag was officially adopted as the State Flag in 1904.

Maryland Flag Leashes

Maryland Flag Dog Leashes to Enjoy Dog-friendly Annapolis

Maryland Dog Flag with Yellow Lab

Maryland Dog Flags featuring a Yellow Lab - Designed by an Annapolis artist!

These dog garden flags always look so happy and colorful in our flower pots in front of our pet boutique.

Maryland Dog Flag, Black Lab

Maryland Dog Flags featuring Black Lab - Share your Love of Dogs and Pride of State

Maryland Paws Print Silver Charms

Maryland Paw Print Charm - Handmade Locally by Tracy Menz Designs with fine recycled silver.

Maryland Dog Flag Magnet | Maryland Dog Flag Decal

Maryland Flag Dog Decals and Magnets - Personalize your car, binder, laptop, refrigerator, file cabinet...

Maryland Flag Crab Collars in Annapolis

Maryland Flag Crab Unique Dog CollarsDid you know the Maryland Blue Crab was designated the official State Crustacean in 1989? Just a little taste of Maryland history.

Maryland Flag Crab Dog Leashes

Maryland Crab Flag Dog Leashes - Coordinate with your Maryland Flag Collar or Crab Collar

Whether you live/lived in Maryland or simply love the groovy flag design, share your love of the Chesapeake region and canine companions with one of these unique items. They make great gifts too.

Celebrating Maryland Day

Many love to celebrate Maryland pride, but do you know why and when Maryland Day began? The holiday marks the anniversary of when the first European settlers arrived in Maryland. The date was March 25,1634 when two ships, The Ark and The Dove, landed in what is now St. Mary's county. While the date began to [...]

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