20 Years in the Life of a Pet Boutique

20 Years in the Life of a Pet Boutique

Posted by Michelle, founder of Paws pet boutique in Annapolis, MD on 7th Jan 2019

2019...I'm still getting use to the "9", but ready to move forward! This is the time of year we like to reflect on where our small business has been and plan what we can do to improve. 

Over the 20 years we've been in business, a lot has changed and a lot hasn't. A few things to ponder...

Paws Pet Boutique Voted Best Pet Shop

When Paws pet boutique started, Amazon was 5 years old and just beginning to expand its services beyond book sales. Who knew today they'd have lockers at Whole Foods and Prime members receive grocery discounts!

In 2004 Facebook arrived on to the scene and Instagram followsPaws pet boutique's Shop Dog Gracie in 2010. Talk about a whole new meaning to 'friend'!

Back in 1999, cell phones were just that - a phone. You were lucky if yours flipped closed and included texting capabilities. We have to wait until 2007 for the iPhone to be introduced. Seems almost impossible to imagine life without a phone to take photos and provide fingertip access to finding and buying anything!

Today, we love connecting with pet lovers on Paws InstagramPaws Facebook and Paws online store. So much to smile about - and when you post a photo of your happy pet with items purchased from Paws, we do a happy dance! (It's not always a pretty dance, but it's a happy one.) Of course we have fun posting pics of our shop dog, Gracie, to keep you up to date with our happenings here too.

Looking back on 2018, we are so grateful for our loyal clients and humbled to be voted in 'What's Up?' Magazine as offering the "Best Pet Products" and named "Best Pet Store" in the Readers Choice Awards by 'The Capital Gazette' Newspaper. We love our clients and this was that 'extra-biscuit-in-the-jar' feeling for us! 

The year brought fun, new dog and cat collars, coffee mugs, pet signs, dog people baseball hats and of course treats and toys to offer. This past year we seemed to fit more dogs with harnesses, which we love to do. We all know walking with your dog is great exercise and a fabulous way to bond with your best friend.

Paws Pet Boutique Voted Best Pet Shop, carrying the Best Pet Products, including Dog Harnesses

Maryland Comptroller, Peter Franchot, and Annapolis Mayor, Gavin Buckley, included Paws pet Maryland Comptroller and Annapolis Mayor shop at Paws pet boutiqueboutique as a stop in their Shop Local campaign, which was certainly a 2018 highlight. Of course Paws dog-friendly charitable events continued to be a integral part of our business and mission, which raised over $7,000 for animal non-profits. We're grateful Ben's Memorial Fund with Animal Legal Defense Fund continues to be remembered and supported.

Looking forward in 2019. Our personalized client service is just important today as it was in 1999 and we're truly passionate about making everyday count with pets. Offering unique, U.S. made products by small businesses remains a priority. And free shipping on online orders over $100 continues, as well as our our Paws Point Program to earn coupons. But as always, we rely on our clients because your choices shape businesses. Do you have feedback on things you love and/or areas we could work on improving? Shoot us an email at earsup@pawspetboutique.com with any suggestions to evolve Paws. By the way, do you like receiving emails from us every week or so with a special or new product highlight? (Not on our email list and want to be? Jump on any of our web pages and scroll to the bottom to add yourself.)

Lastly, my Mom always said, "You'll never know unless you ask." 

We'd love your help in expanding our Paws community on Social Media and through our Website. If you know someone who is like you and me (perhaps a little dog collar obsessed?), will you invite them to follow us on Facebook or Instagram and to check out www.pawspetboutique.com? Thank you for your consideration. 

Not sure if anyone will make it to the bottom here, but if you did, you deserve a gold star! Use the coupon code GOLDSTAR for 10% off your next online order and feel free to share the code with a friend. I'm sure we'd like them too. (Valid on one online purchase per client through 2019). Let's make it a fabulous year together! Wishing you many happy moments with your pets in 2019.