Nose Print Silver Pet Charm Kit

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Don't you love a good nose boop from your cat or dog? Now you can capture that love in a silver pet charm. A unique creation by Tracy Menz Designs, Your Pet Nose Art Silver Charm features the impression of your cat or dog's nose. Each handmade pet charm is one-of-a-kind and vary in size according to your pet's nose. If you'd like to personalize the charm with your pet's name, Tracy can hand-stamp the name on a silver bar on back for an additional $10.

The Pet Nose Print Jewelry Kit contains instructions on how to capture the imprint of your pet's nose along with molding material to accomplish your mission. The mold will harden to a rubbery, solid consistency so it can be mailed back to Tracy for creation. Your charm is formed by hand, fired in the kiln and polished before it is finished and sent to you.

If you're looking for a unique pet gift, a Pet Silver Nose Charm Kit will create something special to be cherished for years to come. 

Handmade in USA.