Antique Wax Seal Silver Paw Charms

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Wear a little history with one of these handmade silver paw charms. Each charm is made by Tracy Menz from a personal collection of antique wax seals from 1730' to 1890's. Mostly from France and England, the seals were used years ago to seal a letter for a loved one or royalty and serve as a stamp of indisputable authenticity. It was common practice to destroy the seal once the owner died, which is the reason so few original seals exist today. These pure silver paw print charms serve as a wearable sentiment of a time long gone.

Each of Tracy's artisan pieces is made of fine pure silver .999. The patina on each of these unique pet charms has been through an oxidization process to give it an antique vintage look. No two are alike so each charm is uniquely different and uniquely yours! Paw charms made with this wax seal measure almost 3/4" in height.

Many of our clients enjoy pairing several Tracy Menz charms together to personalize a necklace. This silver paw charm is slightly larger than some of the other charms we offer.

To see other jewelry created by Tracy other than her animal-inspired line that we proudly represent, visit her website.

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