Hemp Mice Organic Catnip Toys

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Made with strong, natural hemp fiber fabric, these hemp mice cat toys are each generously filled with organic catnip. Biodegradable, eco-friendly and feline-friendly, even the cute mouse face on each cat toy is stamped with food colorant! Your kitty can lick away without fear of added chemicals. A hemp rope tail on the end makes for more kitty entertainment too. If all these features aren't enough, these USA made organic catnip toys each are finished with a velcro tab in the back (by the tail) that allows you to open and refill or refresh the catnip when needed.

These are refillable catnip toys that your kitty will love! Note that hemp fabric material colors may vary. Mice are approximately 5" long with a 5" hemp rope tail.

Now it's time to be entertained watching your cat bat around one of these eco-friendly cat toys!