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Dog-friendly Events that Support Animal Welfare Charity Organizations

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To thrive as a small business it is super important to exceed customer expectations as well as make a difference. Paws pet boutique's business philosophy embraces giving back to make the world a better place. Creating and hosting events that support animal welfare charities has always been a priority for our boutique business. When we opened our door to the community in Annapolis, Maryland back in 1999 we celebrated with a "Happy Tails" Hour that supported the local SPCA. Over ther years we have executed all kinds of fun dog-friendly events in our store, other stores, hotels, a Marina Club House and yes, even rented a boat for Ben's Cruise for 5 years. Thousands of dollars have been raised and donated, and progress has been made. 

Raising funds for charity and having fun with our best friends just seems to go together. We love to celebrate the relationships we are so fortunate to have with our companion animals, so making our events dog-friendly is important. Over the years we have supported all kinds of groups from Golden Retriever Rescue, Lab Rescue, Best Friends Sanctuary, Lucky Dog Rescue, Cats R Us, SPCAs and many more. Our big focus for the last 8 years or so has been Animal Legal Defense Fund that rescued a Jack Russell we named gentle Ben. He and 300+ other dogs needed some legal assistance to escape a hoarder, which is just what ALDF provided. Ben now happily and proudly holds the position of Store Mascot and fighting animal cruelty with ALDF is a priority.

This year (2013) we are hosting Ben's Online Auction with dog-friendly Kick-off and Tail-End Parties - of course! All proceeds are donated to ALDF. If you catch this between August 22 and September 7, 2013 check our Ben's Dazzling Auction at We received great support from businesses who donated items like Southwest Airline Tickets, 'Dancing with the Stars' VIP Performance Tickets, Orioles Tickets, Queenstown Harbour Golf, Sapphire and Diamond ring from Niland & Company, Tracy Menz Jewelry and of course lots of fabulous items from Paws pet boutique.

We encourage everyone to get involved with an area for which you are passionate. You are sure to feel good and do good when you're involved with a charity cause. If you are in the Annapolis area on the last Friday of the month, don't miss our 'Canines & Cocktails for a Cause' dog-friendly evenings we sponsor at Loews Annapolis Hotel in season. The series features and supports a different group each month. Check our website's Events page for the lastest spirited happenings that support animal welfare. We also post animal rescue events and fun-draising parties on Paws pet boutique's Facebook Page.

Living with 3 rescued Jack Russells and a tuxedo cat, who was adopted from the local SPCA, I am reminded just how enjoyable life is with animals. Make a tail wag and make your day wonderful!


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