The Art of the Collar - A Collar for Every Season and Feeling

Posted by Michelle, founder of Paws pet boutique in Annapolis, MD and on 27th Jun 2015

Unique Dog Collars

OK, we will begin with an admission. We are a bit obsessed with dog and cat collars. That being said, don't you really enjoy seeing your best friend in stylish neck attire? It's a simple thing that makes a statement and shares personality. Dogs and cats seem to know they are looking good! Yes, we are obsessed with unique collars.

While collars must be functional to hold ID tags and easily attach to a leash securely, there are plenty of designs to consider. To ensure you are not at a loss of collar choices, we have pulled some favorite designs to share with you. 


Patriotic Dog Collars at Paws Pet Boutique

Patriotic collars for dogs and cats can be worn Patriotic Cat Collars at Paws Pet Boutiqueto celebrate Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day or any day to feel that spirit. 

Share your gratitude for our independence and country by adding a splash of red, white and blue. The U.S. flag collars are always a good all-American classic and look great on any dog.


Summer dog collars reflect a season of color and love for longer days...and more time for dog walks! Why not celebrate that state-of-mind, relax a little more, seize the good moments and follow your dogs lead? Your dog will look great wearing a collar that shares the philosophy.


If you hear the sea calling and like the feel of your toes in the sand, your dog should be wearing a seahorse dog collar, shell collar, starfish collar or even a coral or crab collar. In our opinion even if its snowing outside you need a beach dog collar to let your mind wander to coastal living! 


Dogs and boats together can equal happiness. In fact the Annapolis musicians Them Eastport Oyster Boys proclaim

Beach Dog Collars at

Nautical Dog Collars at Paws pet boutique

Good Dog Baseball Hats at Paws pet boutique

that all one needs is "a good dog, a good boat and good hat..." in their light-hearted song. Even if you don't boat, you have to admit nautical dog collars are a sharp option for any good dog. 

Annapolis, the sailing capital of the world, is also the home of Paws pet boutique. If you are looking for anchor collars, nautical flag collars, sailboat collars, or even buoy collars you'll find it here. Otherwise enjoy shopping a fabulous collection of unique dog collars to fit just about any size dog from tiny toy dogs that weigh 2 lbs to big dogs tipping the scale at 200 lbs. 

Add some color to your day and find a collar that suits your best friend for the season and feeling. It's the little things in life. Enjoy it.