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Stand Out of the Pack with Unique Engraved Collar Tags

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id-hydrant-redr.jpgSometimes it's hard to believe, but dogs and cats can't speak our language. It's because of this revelation that it is so important to have an engraved pet tag on their collar with your information!

On more than one occasion I have been able to contact a dog or cat's family when they lost their way. I'm always so thankful when they are wearing one of these simple little gizmos! That being said, it's nice to have a pet ID tag that can double as an attractive pet charm. Your pet's tag can reflect their personality as well as help them find their way back to you.

Over the years my fur family has worn a variety of ID collar tags. There are 2 tag collections that I like which have stood theid-tribalsun.jpg test of time and still look good in the process. First, the stainless steel identification tags are finished with durable and colorful enamel in all sorts of unique tag designs. From skull and cross bone pet ID tags to pawprint collar tags to green shamrock ID tags, there are almost too many unique pet tags from which to choose! They come engraved with your information on the back and ship for free from Kitties and toy size dogs do best with the small collar tags, but there are 3 sizes to match up with any size dog or cat.

The second set of unique pet tags I recommend are thick tags that are deeply engraved with your contact info on the back. Here too there is a nice collection of tag designs from which to choose. Many of the pet tags come in a brass or tarnished silver color option too. You'll find flowers, stars, bones, dog angels, hearts and other designs from which to choose.

So why settle for the ordinary ID tag when you can add a little style with one of these unique engraved collar tags? They're reasonably priced with FREE shipping. Bottom line though, please make sure your animal companion has a collar tag with your current contact information. Including your cell number is always a good idea, so you can be reached even if you are travelling. If you like to change your best friend's collar frequently, you should consider a removable pet ID holder that makes moving your tag from collar to collar a snap. And tag noise is no excuse for not having an ID tag! Add a neoprene tag pouch around the tag and there will be silence.

Be safe and be unique!  








- Michelle

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