Manatee Dog Leash

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Love a manatee! Each manatee dog leash features these gentle giants gliding through the water on a ribbon that runs the full length of the lead. Light gray nylon web in 1 1/4" or 3/4" width backs the ribbon for durability and the perfect color compliment. Select a 6 or 4 feet length depending on your walking style. The shorter length works especially well if you tend to walk on downtown sidewalks and want your dog to heel closer to you.

If your manatee leash goes for a swim or flops into a puddle, machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water. We recommend placing collars and leashes in a mesh garment bag to reduce tangling and friction in the machine. Hang to air dry.

Made in USA, this leash with manatees features a nickel-plated, pull-down hook for collar or harness attachment. The perfect leash for beach lovers with a manatee crush. Enjoy.