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Keep Water Handy for Pets with On-the-Go Bowl/Bottles

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We all need to pause and refresh! If you are travelling with your pet, or even just planning a long walk, make sure you have available water for them. Knowing a regular water bottle may pose a problem as well as a human cup, consider picking up an inexpensive and very handy pet travel bowl.

One of the favorite goods at Paws pet boutique is our on-the-go water bowl/bottles. They hold 10 oz or 20 oz. of water depending on the style you select and only release water when squeezed. Featured as our PawsPick in August of 2013, it was recommended by our customer who shares from the perspective of her 2 yellow Labs Baylee and Sadie: "We love when mom brings us home goodies from Paws. One of her best gifts to us is our pink On the Go Water Bottle. We use it all the time on our walks and travels. Mom just flips it and squeezes the water out, it's super easy. I share the bowl with my sister of course and she's thankful as you can see. This summer has been a hot one and there's nothing better than a nice cool lick of water to cool ya off!"  

Straight from the dogs mouth! Keep in mind when walking with your dog that he or she is closer to the ground that reflects the sun's heat. Additionally, there is less air circulation at ground level. So your pet can overheat faster than you

Do your pet a favor and check out these clever travel bottle-bowls and be ready when your best friend needs some refreshment. Sadie and Baylee demonstrate how it's done!







- Michelle

Paws pet boutique founder