Frozen Treat Screw Ball Dog Toy

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Combine a treat and toy and you have the best dog toy to keep your pup happy and stimulated. Now you can make the longest lasting treat

Here's how it works:

Unscrew top and start by smearing peanut butter, pumpkin or wet food into the ball and screw on top. The ball will turn so the top with the holes faces up and is ready for licking - reducing or eliminating goop and slobber on your floor! Hand wash or pop in the top rack of your dishwasher to clean and repeat the fun.

If you're looking for a long lasting treat, try freezing food/treats inside. Mix it up and add blueberries, yogurt, broth - you name it. To make the perfect size frozen treat nuggets in advance, pick up a Frozen Cube Treat Tray (available as an option above). Prep the treats in the freezer and add them to this clever enrichment dog toy.

If you have an anxious dog or want to keep them engaged, this pupsicle dog toy can be a fabulous tool. Handy for crate training too. This became a favorite dog toy in our house with or without treats tucked inside. Available in 2 sizes.