Pet Inspirations Bring the Best Resolutions, Now is the Time!

Pet Inspirations Bring the Best Resolutions, Now is the Time!

Posted by Michelle, founder of the Annapolis Cat and Dog Boutique, Paws pet boutique on 8th Jan 2016

Here we are one week into 2016. A new day, week or year can provide a feeling of a fresh start. While some people make resolutions for guidance in their lives, I have found some of the best mentors of everyday life right in front of companion animals!

Your pet knows how to make today really count. Appreciate the simple things like smelling the air on a clear day, meeting someone new, enjoying a special snack and spending time with those important to you, while always greeting them with appreciation. Get out and exercise and take advantage of napping opportunities especially in sunny spots. 

Here are four items that may help to remind you to stay on track with your pet today...this week and in the year ahead.

Live in the Moment Can or Bottle Neoprene Dog Koozies

Paws Living | Live the Moment. Make Today Count.

'Life is Just Better When I'm With My Dog' Quote Signs

Life is Better with My Dog Signs

'Life without Cats...I Don't Think So' Pet Quote Signs

Life Without Cats, I Don't Think So Signs

Always in My Heart Silver Pet Paw Charms remind you to follow your heart.

Handmade Silver Pet Paw Charms

Our furry friends may not have all the answers, but if you're open they'll teach you a whole lot about life and yourself. 

Wishing you a good day, week and year ahead with those important to you. 

Make a tail wag for a guaranteed smile. Now is the time.