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Let's Celebrate Maryland Day and that Colorful State Flag!

Posted by Michelle founder of the dog boutique, Paws pet boutique in Annapolis, MD on

Maryland State Capital and Maryland Dog Supplies

Not sure if all states have an official Day to celebrate their statehood, but Maryland pride runs deep and this state definitely does! 

So you're in the know here's a quick history of why and when Maryland Day began...

The holiday marks the anniversary of when the first European settlers arrived in Maryland. The date was March 25,1634 when two ships, The Ark and The Dove, landed in what is now St. Mary's County. While the date began to be formally observed in 1903 to celebrate Maryland's history, it wasn't until 1916 when the State legislature authorized March 25 as "Maryland Day", a legal holiday. The Day continues to be a commemoration of the state's history and heritage...and of course provides a good reason to come together and celebrate!

Events celebrating this history can be found across the state on and around Maryland Day. However, you will find Marylanders enjoy showing their state spirit year-round. Visit Maryland and it's hard to leave without seeing something that features the Maryland flag in all its artistic design and vibrant glory.

Lab Maryland Flags

The celebration of Maryland doesn't fall short then it comes to man's best friend. Canines hold their tails high sporting Maryland flag collars and Maryland flag crab collars, while their humans tag along holding a Maryland flag leash. Paws pet boutique is anchored in the state capital of Annapolis, which is always voted one of the top dog-friendly towns in America. In addition to noticing water bowls in front of shops and restaurants, you'll see plenty of car bumpers displaying their love of dog and state with Maryland Flag dog magnets and stickers. Homes and yards are decorated year-round with Maryland Flag dog flags, door mats and sun catchers. People even wear charms in the shape of Maryland with a paw print marking the state capital. Yes, Marylanders are a little fanatical when it comes to celebrating their state pride, but we like it that way!

Lab Maryland Flag Magnets

Whether you are a state resident or just want to join in the fun, you're sure to enjoy the spirit of all things Maryland on Maryland Day or any day. Life is short. Make today count.

There you have it. You now have a taste of how Maryland Day started and know that the appreciation of Maryland continues to this day!