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Dog Collars vs. Cat Collars, What's the Difference?

Posted by Michelle, founder of Paws pet boutique, established 1999 on

All collars are not made equal. Whenever someone purchases a tiny collar in our pet boutique we always try ask if they have a tiny dog or a cat. The collar difference is in the buckle.

Cats love to explore and perch on high objects, whether it be a tree or shed outside or a dresser in your home. They also

like to slither into tight spots like under fences and beds. This leaves plenty of opportunities to catch a cat collar. That's why kitty collars have a special buckle that should release when tugged, like in an emergency! While cat collars buckles are designed to release for safety purposes, you do not want a dog collar to release. On a dog walk you definitely want the collar to stay on securely as it is attached to the leash and ultimately to you!  Additionally, dogs tend not to find themselves in the same positions as cats where their collars could potentially become stuck. On a side note, make sure when sizing your pet's collar you want to be able to comfortably fit two fingers between your pet's neck and the collar. We never recommend leaving on a martingale collar (soft-choke) or choke collar on a dog unattended. These dog collar styles are made for dog walking. Additionally, we don't recommend tie-out in any style collar.

So while cat collars and tiny dog collars can be finished with colorful ribbons that add personality and look almost identical, check the buckle to make sure you have the right collar for your best furry friend. On a final note, we'll also add that neoprene stretchy cat collars are another great option that provide enough give for cats to wiggle out of if necessary. They are light in weight and soft so most cats don't seem to mind wearing them one bit.

Next time your little furry companion needs new neck attire you'll know what to select. And don't forget your pet id tags! Unique collars can make a fashion statement, but it's always important that your dog or cat collar has an ID tag attached to help your best friend find their way home if lost. Lastly, remember that life is short, so love the ones you're with!