8 Great Gifts for Wine and Dog Lovers

Posted by Michelle, founder of the Annapolis, Maryland's Dog Boutique Paws pet boutique on 8th Nov 2015

Sit, Stay, Drink Cocktail Napkins for Dog Lovers and Other Entertaining Ideas

Pair dog lovers and wine lovers together and you come up with some wonderfully unique gifts!

For those who love wine and dogs, or simply entertaining with a cheerful twist, you don't want to miss these 8 canine-vino finds...

#1. Dog and Drink Napkins: "Sit, Stay, Drink" ($4.95) - Don't Hudson and Fitz look right at home with the napkins and wine?

                    Dogs and Wine Cocktail Napkins

You Are Not Drinking Alone When the Dog is Home Signs | Dog Lover

 Water Dog Wine Glasses | Stemless Wine Dog Glasses  Sit, Stay Drink Dog Corkscrews | Dog Lover Gifts

#2. Dog and Wine Sign: "You're not Really Drinking Alone When the Dog is Home"  ($12.95)

#3. Stemless Dog Wine Glasses: Swimming Dog Stemless Wine Glasses ($16.95)

#4. Wine Dog Corkscrew Opener: "Sit, Stay, Drink" Stainless Corkscrew ($9.50)

Drink Wine and Pet My Dog Signs | Dog Lover

Wine Bottle Dog Toys | Squeaky Dog Toys    Wineing Dog Coasters | Wine Dog Coasters

#5. Dog Lover/Wine Lover Sign: "I just want to Drink Wine and Pet my Dog" ($16.50)

#6. Wine Bottle Dog Toy: Kennel Relaxin' Squeaky Dog Toys ($12)      

#7. Dogs Wineing Drink Coasters: Set of 4 Dogs Drinking Wine Coasters; Many breeds from which to select! ($36.50)

Wine More Bark Less Cocktail Napkins | Dog Party Napkins

Wine Stalker Napkins | Wine and Cat Gifts

# 8. Wine Dog Cocktail Napkins: "Wine More, Bark Less" Dog Cocktail Napkins ($4.95 )

We had to throw in a 9th favorite for the feline-vino lovers....

#9*. Wine Cat Cocktail Napkins: "Wine Stalker" Cat Napkins ($4.95)

There you have it. Great gifts for those dog lovers on your list who also like to sip a glass of wine from time to time. If you're planning gatherings during the holidays we've found the napkins add a fun conversation element to parties. Don't forget our dog boutique always offers complimentary gift wrapping all the time. 

Wishing you a cheerful day today and during the holiday season!