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A Simple Dog Harness Can Make Walking a JOY!

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Life is short, don't you want to enJOY your dog walks?

Over 13 years ago I founded a pet boutique and have enjoyed being owned by multiple dogs and cats my whole life. Needless to say, animals are an important part of my life and I consider dog walking my favorite sport! My preference is always to walk a dog with a harness for many reasons, but primarily for control and comfort for all. That being said, from my experience I believe two styles stand well above the other harnesses and are the best dog harnesses out there.

harness-mesh.jpgA soft mesh dog harness is the first style that I swear by for small to medium sized dogs.harness-adjd.jpg

You can easily adjust the front by the shoulders and neck, as well as the girth on these harnesses. This is particularly nice for dogs that have broad necks like Pugs or dogs like Dachshunds who have a deep chest and a more petite shoulder build.

There is only one durable snap buckle to secure this comfortable harness on your dog. You'll find that your dog will quickly learn to step his or her left foot into this harness after you slip it over their head.

If your dog pulls on walks the pressure will be applied to their front chest instead of their trachea and neck.

Currently 2 of my Jack Russell Terriers wear these all day long and enjoy their walks so much more. Normally at night I take their harnesses off and leave their dog collars with ID tags on for sleeping.

They come in lots of colors so you can always match your dog's collar and leash to the harness too!


harness-2ring-sprock253.jpgA no-pull dog harness is the other style harness I have found to make a world of difference for dogs who will pull harness-2ring-flat.jpgand pull and pull!

These are smartly designed, proudly made in the USA and place you in "the drivers seat" so to speak. This dog harness catches your dog's attention and re-directs their focus to you. Use one of these 2-ring harnesses in conjunction with training and you'll have a whole new walking experience.

There are 2 places on the harness that you can attach your leash or you can even attach a leash to each ring! Attach your lead to the front ring and your dog will pull forward only to discover that they will end up facing you. Use the ring between the shoulder blades on the back and a soft hug will be given around the girth when they pull. Each of these points of contact will help to catch your dog's attention so they learn to pay attention to you and your commands. Soft velvet surrounds the strap on the belly to eliminate or minimize chafing.

This is a great big dog harness which will give you much more control over your effervescent canine. This is my harness of choice for one of my Jack Russells who isn't always cordial when meeting others.

So there you have it! The right dog harnesses can make any walk better for everyone. Who knows, maybe a harness will turn you into someone who enjoys the sport of dog walking too!

-- Michelle

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