2-Ring, No-Pull Dog Harnesses

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Hands down, one of the best dog training harnesses we have come across. It gives YOU control. Additionally we find these work better than choke collars and other "harnesses" that fit over a dog's nose for several reasons. First, dogs are completely comfortable wearing one of these 2-ring dog harnesses which are lined with Swiss Velvet around the lower girth. Second, they help you train your dog to walk by your side by redirecting your dog's attention to you. The freedom dog harnesses discourage pulling so you AND your dog will enjoy your walks much more.


These USA made dog harnesses (patented) are made with attention to every detail. There are 2 points (rings) of contact. One ring is located on a webbed loop on the back which acts like a martingale by gently tightening around your dog's chest to catch their attention. The second ring is located on the front chest which allows you to redirect your dog's attention back to you for training and treats. Every time your dog pulls forward, they find themselves turning right back to you when the front chest ring is engaged. Nifty huh? At that point, consider giving a command and treat to reinforce walking next to you.

Each harnesses features four adjustment points; two adjustments on the front chest, one between the front legs and an adjustment on the girth strap. Stainless steel hardware completes these well-made harnesses that are designed to hold any size dog from 14 lbs. and up. The girth or lower chest strap is lined with velvet to help prevent rubbing and chaffing behind the front legs and straps are turned out so seams will not casue irritation.

You have the option to attach a leash to 1 or 2 rings. Attaching to both rings provides you with more simultaneous control points so you can steer your dog. We offer a leash with double hardware attachments or simply use 2 leashes. If you are looking for additional color options, please contact us for available in-stock options. Some colors may also be special ordered.


These are super easy to put on thanks to the contrasting color loop that goes over the head and lands right on your dog's back between the shoulder blades. So to put on simply unclip the 2 girth buckles, hold the different color loop and slip over the head. Bring the strap that is hanging straight down between your dog's front legs and attach buckles around each leg. That's it! We size these dog no pull harnesses in our store on dogs all the time, so if you have any questions just give us a call and we're happy to help. The harness should fit snuggly allowing you to slip a few fingers between the harness and your dog.

While most people find these harnesses especially helpful for walking big dogs, some small dogs can be real pullers too. For example, Jack Russells can benefit from these Freedom Harnesses! Select from 6 size options. See sizes and details above in the ordering menu. To measure your dog's chest, take a string and loop around your dog right behind the front legs. String should be straight up and down. Measure the string and you have your girth or chest size.

It's time you ENJOY walking your dog!