120 Degradable Pickup Bags

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It's good to love the earth, so why not use these earth-rated degradable poop bags on your dog walks? They work great to clean out your kitty box too.

Not only are they environmentally friendly, these bags are leak-proof, sturdy, inexpensive and even have a natural lavender scent option. Bags are a generous 9 by 13" size to provide comfort and coverage when picking up after your best friend. Trust us, we've tested a lot of bags, and this one does the job nicely. The box contains 8 rolls of 15-bag rolls. Bags tear off easily from the roll and can be stored in a dispenser for easy access. 

Once you've taken care of business with your bag, it will harmlessly dissolve into carbon dioxide and water in as little as 24 months. This is not plastic that will find its way into landfills, waterways and trees to mess with the environment. Marine animals and sea turtles needlessly die each year because they mistake plastic bags for food. So do your part and pick-up after your dog with these green degradable pickup bags. Even the center of these rolls contain 100% recycled paper cores!

Enjoy your dog walks as much as your dog. Life is short.

p.s. Recycle the paper box after using your rolls of biodegradable pickup bags. Thank you!