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Let's SMILE Paws Friends

 Let's Smile


Gracie, Paws Shop Dog (wearing an orange and pink flower collar)

Calling all dog moms, dog dads and cat lovers ... Let's see pics of your fur kids.

Paws clients are the cutest! This page was created to showcase your photos and a bring Paws pet boutique clients together through our love of animals. Let's get together and make this a great page for our Paws community to visit.

We'll do our very best to post below all clear photos of you and your pets. Note, if you submit your photo to us, you are giving us permission to post it on Paws pet boutique's website, Facebook page and/or Instagram page. Please include your pet's name and where the photo was taken so we can share. Let's have some fun! #pawsliving

Email your pet photos (or a photo of you!) with a product you love from Paws to

Looking forward to seeing lots of photos that'll make the day a little brighter.


 Digby enjoying Pensacola Beach, FL in a patriotic anchor collar 


 Seamus chillin' with his beer toy - Annapolis, MD


 Milly approves of cat naps; wearing a comfy blue star hemp collar