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If My Dog Doesn't Like You, I Probably Won't Either - Unique Gifts for the Love of Dogs and Cats

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In the 90's I started a pet boutique in Annapolis, Maryland for the love of dogs and cats. My dog Jonah and cat B.J. at the time inspired me to seek out unique gifts for them and also for me - and others like me! We love the unique collars and goods we offer for dogs and cats, but we're equally excited about the collection of dog and cat specialty items we offer for YOU that celebrate life with them.

Our dog shirts that share the sniff test philosophy "If my dog doesn't like you, I probably won't either" or our dog baseball hats embroidered with "Sleeps with Dogs" get right to the point. For many people companion animals are a vital part of their life and a loving part of their family. I proudly put myself in that category and enjoy seeking and sharing goods that celebrate that special relationship.


My home is warmed with many of our unique pet goods. As I write this blog wearing my "Where I go, Dog Follows..." cozy dog sweatshirt and pet intial silver necklace, I have one of our waterdog stemless glasses on my desk and am looking at a cat sign "Life without a Cat, I don't think so". I think it's fair to say I am in this business truly for the love of dogs, cats and animals for that matter.

 So if you are looking for unique pet gifts for dogs, cats or people I believe you will find them at Paws pet boutique. From hand-painted cat and dog mugs, carved wooden dogs and hand-painted dog holiday balls to dog hooked pillows, cat and dog signs and nautical dog hats you will discover something carefully selected for its uniqueness and fairly priced. We're are proud to offer a generous selection of USA made products for dogs, cats and people.

As a small business owner, we sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to serving animal lovers for many more years. Life is better because of the love of dogs and cats. Thank you for taking the time to make their lives special. It's time for me to sign off and take my dogs for walk now. As our sign reads "Agenda for the day, let the dog in, let the dog out, let the dog in..."

 - Michelle, Paws pet boutique founder

p.s. Paws pet boutique has partnered with Loews Annapolis Hotel for many years to host a Friday night dog-friendly charity series called "Canines & Cocktails for a Cause". We love to give back through our many dog-friendly events. If you too enjoy the combination of a good dog dog, wine or beer, don't miss our swimming dog wine glasses, dog pilsner glasses, party animal dog coasters and dog "sit, stay and drink" cocktail napkins. They'll certainly add spirit to your next gathering.