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Tried and True Pet Supplies Recommended by Dog and Cat Lovers

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pawspickofmonth-logo.jpgWord of mouth can be the best way to hear of tried and true pet products that really work and stand the test of time. Chatting with folks at the dog park can sometimes shed some light on the good stuff. Another great spot to check out is

'PawsPick of the Month' was created to feature a product that's highly recommended by staff or customers who have used it and love it. I work at the boutique and hear feedback on what products really rock and make a difference. This is a great way to share this feedback with others who could benefit. No more guessing on what are the best cat products on the market or the best dog collars. 

There is a section in the storefront as well as on the website that shares photos and comments about the PawsPick products courtesy of the user who recommended it! If you have a great product experience you can share it on Paws pet boutique's Facebook page too, where one product is selected each month.

This is a pet supplies sale that highlights only the good stuff! So not only are you reviewing products that people really find value in, you're also able to catch the featured products at a special price. Everyone loves a SALE! So you may catch hemp dog collars on sale one month, no-pull dog harnesses the next and even hemp mice catnip toys featured and on sale after that.

So check out the goods with the right stuff at It's a top notch dog boutique that loves their felines too.

Here's a sampling...


Hemp dog collars and leashes featured June 2013 at 15% off.


- Michelle

founder Paws pet boutique