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Really, Really Tough Dog Toys Are Hard to FInd. We Found Them!

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Since 1999 we have been on a quest to find indestructible dog toys. Our Jack Russells and boutique customer dogs are always more than willing to test. We were hopeful in our testing with a toy made from Kevlar - the material used in bulletproof vests. But alas the stitching was not resistant to tenacious dog teeth.

Then the groove ball and fetch stick/bone arrived on the scene! These toys are proudly made in the U.S., float and bounce in an unpredictable manner. While they don't squeak, they are by far the most durable dog toys we have found in our quest. Water dogs will love that they float in the water and are soft on their mouths. If you catch this blog in July of 2013 we are offering both the groove balls and fetch bones at 20% off as the PawsPick. They come in bright colors to easily spot and can be recycled as well.











We realize not all dogs enjoy toys that don't squeak. While they are not indestuctible or as durable as the ball and bone noted above, the lobster, octopus and starfish dog toys make a valiant effort to stay in tact. The squeakers are sewn into pouches to slow the destruction process.










So why not make your best friend's day and pick up one of these tried and true dog toys? We like the motto, "Life is short, take time to play with your dog".

- Michelle. Founder of