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If Your Dog Collar Could Speak

Posted by Michelle, Founder of Paws pet boutique in Annapolis, Maryland on

Yes, as the owner of Paws, I'll admit it. We're totally collar obsessed! From 2 lb. little puppers to 200+ dogs, our pet boutique offers hundreds of unique dog collars that share a dog's '2 cents'. After fitting thousands of dogs with collars, we've learned there is a bit of methodology and personality to the selection process that we're going to share here.

Crab American Flag Dog Collar

Let there be no question, a dog collar is a personal decision. How can a dog collar not shed some light on the dog wearing it and/or the human who selected it? 

From our experience, it tends to take 5 to 50 minutes to choose a collar. There's a definite thought process involved (and a lot of love). Without a word, you and your dog definitely are communicating something you have a connection to with a simple dog collar. 

Let's look at a few examples ...


Who doesn't like to be reminded of places that make you happy or proud? 

When your dog is by your side wearing a palm tree, surfboard or mermaid collar, the beach is calling your name everyday. For a taste of the Chesapeake or New England, you'd like to see your best friend wearing a crab, whale or lobster dog collar. Right?

Then there is Maryland, which is definitely a state of mind. Residents and visitor are crazy about the state flag! When your dog is wearing a Maryland flag dog collar, you're guaranteed to attract other people (who are also dog lovers) with a connection to Maryland. And likely a lively conversation will ensue!

If you've visited, live in or want to visit Ireland, shamrock collars are always a favorite way to share a little Irish spirit. (Is a trip to Ireland on your bucket list too?) 

Classic and stately, American flag dog collars are selected not just for July 4th and Memorial Day. Whether you're serving the country or want to share USA pride, the American flag collar makes a statement. Or a USA flag crab collar (shown above on Donnie) is a nice twist.

Mermaid Dog Collars, Fox Dog Collar, Pineapple Dog Collar

Shamrock Dog Collars, Lobster Dog Collar, Dog Bow Ties


Do people tend to refer to your girl as a boy or vice versa? Once again, a collar speaks!

Let there be no question. Pink collars and flower dog collars say 'I'm a girl'  without you (or your dog) speaking a word. On the other hand, your boy may need a bow tie collar to add a splash of dapper dash to their appearance.  

Lastly, a collar can communicate your dog's personality. Skull and cross bones are a favorite for salty dogs or tiny pups that need a little more confidence. If they're cunning, a fox dog collar hits the mark. Or make your dog look super approachable by slipping on a collar with hearts, a welcoming pineapple collar or a colorfully designed collar. While other dogs may not pay attention to the collar, people will. Plus, you'll enjoy it everyday.


Lu. the Basset Houned snoozing with her lobster collar.

The same selection process and connections seems to apply to cat collars. Just a reminder, a dog collar is built different than a cat collar. Your feline requires an elastic cat collar or a collar with a buckle that is designed to open when tugged. Cats may catch their collar when they're in tight spaces or jumping from heights. You want a cat collar with an emergency release buckle that opens or a neoprene cat collar that stretches for your feline. On the other hand, if you're walking your small dog, you don't want the buckle to open if they tug on the leash. Dog collars feature buckles that are designed not to open when pulled. That's the difference!

Next time you see a dog, check out their collar and see what they're saying. It's more than just a collar!

p.s. Lu loves napping and, according to her lobster collar, visits to Maine.