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Organic Catnip Cat Toys Made in USA vs. Buzzing Flies for Cat Exercising

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catbed.jpgAll cats are wonderfully different, just like human beings.

From my lifetime experience living with cats, I have found most felines will opt for a nap in a sunny spot over a good round of exercise. A fly buzzing around your home would create the exception. This situation would encourage swatting, jumping and pouncing multiple times until there was no more buzzing. From my experience this may also cause holes in your screen and tears on your curtains.

So what can you do to get your kitty moving if you prefer not to house flies? Consider good quality catnip toys that may just interest even the most finicky of felines to get their move on. You'll find a nice selection of organic catnip toys made in America at Paws pet boutique. Consider a hemp mouse cat toy that features a velcro tab for refreshing the organic catnip stuffed inside. From felt owls, blue crabs, turtles, flamingos and palm trees to canvas fabric covered bananas and lemons you are sure to find a unique toy or two to assist.






The goal is to whet your cat's appetite and awaken his or her senses to roll, bat, bunny-kick, pounce and jump all for the fun of it. Give it a try! It beats the fly option


Remember, life is short, play with your cat. Enjoy making a tail flick! If all else fails consider hanging up a sign "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy" for your cat. It is their house after all. sign-im-not-fat-fluf-t.jpg


- Michelle

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