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Dogs Look Stately in Maryland Flag Crab Dog Collars & Spirited in Natty Boh Dog Collars

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c-l-mdflag-crab-nattybohsw.jpgWhether you reside in Maryland or simply enjoy visiting the state and it's dog-friendly towns, sharing this spirit through your dog is something you can enjoy every day. "What's that 'Hon" you say? Let us suggest a fetching Maryland Flag dog collar for your best friend that even has a Maryland Flag leash to match for your dog walks. Too stately for you? Consider a Maryland Flag Crab collar that incorporates the flag into the crab. Classic, don't you think? The navy blue ribbon makes the look a little more subtle but still spicy. With Maryland flags and crabs you can't go wrong.

Baltimore, Maryland is known for many things, but the uncrowned king and treasured icon of the community is definitely Mr. Boh. This little one-eyed, mustache-clad smiling face has quite a following and has represented this beer brand since 1933. This fun spirit is shared on USA made Natty Boh dog collars, leashes and even key fobs for your dog walking key. Available in 3/4" and 1 1/4" widths in red, purple or pink dog collars. 

Why be bland when you and your dog can proudly stand out of the pack? Wherever you live you can add a twist of style and have some fun by selecting unique dog collars and leashes that make a statement. Your dog is your best furry friend so share what you love with him or her. Plus you have the benefit of enjoying what your pup is wearing every day! It's the simple things in life that make it rich...

- Michelle

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