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Dig the Earth...With Super Soft Hemp Dog Collars of Course!

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One important thing I learned in my 13+ years of owning a pet boutique is that all dog collars and leashes are not created equal.

That being said we enjoy offering tried-and-true dog collars and leashes that are made in America. To add to that fact, we strive to carry eco-friendly products made in USA like our handmade hemp dog collars and leashes. Unique ribbons add a stylish twist to the hemp canvas fabric that backs each collar and leash. Hemp star dog collars to daisy hemp dog collars make sure eveyone can find a decorative ribbon that reflects their dog's personality or their own. That's important, right?!

So you ask, what is so earth-friendly and wonderful about hemp fabric? First, it is one of the oldest most durable natural fibers. Did you know the first paper was made from hemp, as well as the first draft of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution? No herbicides or pesticides are used to grow hemp. So not only are hemp dog collars pesticide free they are also hypoallergenic. Ponder that for a moment...

When you walk your dog with one our our hemp dog leashes you will appreciate the softness of the fabric in your hand. Something you especially appreciate if you have a "puller" on the other end! Just like the leads, our hemp dog collars are super soft and become softer the more they are worn. Your dog will appreciate that! Collars and leashes can be washed on cold in the machine. We recommend using a mesh garment bag and hanging to dry.

The hemp canvas used on both our collars and leashes is super flexible and easy to adjust through the contoured quick release buckles on the collars. Leashes are finished with high quality snaphooks to keep your dog walks running smooth.

So now when you look at your dog's neck attire you'll know it's good for the earth and good for your dog -- if he or she is wearing a decorative hemp dog collar made in USA. You'll enjoy shopping the collection of tried-and-true dog collars and leashes at Paws pet boutique. Have fun. Mother Nature thanks you!









- Michelle, founder of Paws pet boutique Inc.

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