Crispy Red and Green Plaid Collars

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One of our favorite plaids for any time of the year, these handmade dog collars look fabulous on any pup. Crisp Red and Green Plaid Dog Collars are finished with a durable quick release buckle. This makes it easy to precisely size and remove when desired. Menu above provides sizing details for sizes extra small to extra large. (If you require a larger collar, please contact us.)

Personalize by adding a matching dog bowtie that secures with 2 Velcro tabs to keep it looking straight and stylish! (If needed snip the ends of the Velcro tabs if they extend too far once secured on collar.) 

For girls, add a red felt dog collar flower accented with a sparkly center. Just like the dog bowies, Velcro tabs make it easy to attach to collar.

Made in USA dog collars can be cold washed and air dried when needed.