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Create Your Own Personalized Dog Collars Embroidered with Your Phone Number

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For those of you out there that know what they like, here's a chance to get creative and design your own personalized dog collars. Here at Paws pet boutique you can make the decisions for making your own customized dog collars where you select the color webbing, color of your grosgrain ribbon, size and what you would like embroidered on your dog collars! Knowing they are made right here in America, the turnaround time is normally just 2 weeks or so. How great is that! If you are seeking unique dog collars, it doesn't get more individual than you making the decisions on your embroidered dog collars made just for you! Now that's designer!

Many folks like dog collars with phone numbers embroidered on them so if their best friend loses their ID Tag, the phone number can still be easily found and the furry friend can be returned faster. What we like about these collars is that they are both functional and fashionable. The classic grosgrain ribbon is sewn on the webbing you selection after your informaiton is embroidered on the ribbon. This ensures the inside of the collar is smooth and comfortable, not bumpy with stitching. Collars can fit a phone number plus 8 additional characters that will cover 4 to 4.5" on the collar. Cold washing and air drying the collars is recommended.











You will not be sorry that you checked out these great U.S. made dog collars.


Michelle, Founder