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Cheers to Swimming Dog Wine-Beer-Beverage Glasses for People Who Love Dogs

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Add a splash of spirit to your next gathering with dog-themed glasses, cocktails napkins, dog can koozies and even dog corkscrews. Swimming Dog Wine Glasses, Paddling Pup Pilsner Beer Glasses, Stemless Dog Beverage Glasses, Swimming Dog Champagne Glasses and Merry Martini Dog Glasses will cover serving all beverage bases! It's a great way to get the conversation started at your next dinner party. Add "Sit, Stay, Drink" dog cocktail napkins and happy dog corkscrews to the mix and you are ready to entertain! Make it a party to remember.

If you are looking for hostess gifts for dog-lovers, a pair of dog beverage glasses or party animals dog coasters will leave a memorable "thank you" with your host or hostess. Wrap a pack or two of the dog cocktail napkins with a dog corkscrew for a unique hostess gift that will go with the bottles of wine that will be left behind when the party is over. Pick up some unique dog gifts for people this season and share the spirit of unconditional love. Cheers!  -Michelle, Founder of