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Not All Dog Treats are Baked Equally

Posted by Michelle K., Animal Lover & Owner of Paws pet boutique since 1999 in Annapolis, Maryland on

Wheat and Corn Free Apple Honey Dog Treats

Over the 15 years I have owned and operated a pet boutique I have seen quite a change in the variety and quality of dog treats. Years ago it was 'Milk Bones' or no bones, but today we are fortunate to have wheat-free, corn-free, grain-free and even vegetarian dog treats as options. If you watch what you eat than more than likely you are watching what you feed your best friend. So what is the right treat for your dog you ask?

When evaluating dog treats I like to start by determining where the 

treats are made and where the ingredients are sourced. I have

always felt comfortable buying and selling American made dog and cat

Bakery Dog Treats for Special Occasions, USA Baked

treats, which is all that Paws pet boutique offers our clients with one exception. That exception is a human-grade 100% shrimp cat treat that is wild caught in India and processed in USA. Secondly, take a look at the ingredient list. Would you be comfortable eating those ingredients? Yes, I realize humans and dogs are built differently, but my personal take is that I don't want to feed my fur family animal-by-products, bone or a ton of preservatives. The fewer the ingredients normally the better. So back to the question, "What is the right dog treat for my dog?".

For dogs that have food allergies (or don't) I like to recommend wheat and corn free treats. My two favorites we sample in our dog boutique and they are Apple Honey Soft Treats and Sweet Potato Treats. The Apple Honey treats are soft and easy to chew and contain rye flour, honey, egg, vegetable oil and dried apple. We love that the Sweet Potato treats are made from USA grown sweet potato that are dehydrated and that's it! The sweet potato treats have a firm consistency and are naturally loaded with carotenoids, vitamin C and fiber. While there are other fabulous wheat/corn-free options including our Good Dog Small Bones, which are the perfect size for small dog or training and our organic, wheat/corn/grain-free Peas & Carrots bones, we thought we'd name just a few here.

Wheat/Corn-Free Small Dog Treats, USA Baked

Natural Peanut Butter Bone Dog Treats, USA Baked

USA Made Tough Dog Toys That Hold Dog Treats

For dog that don't have dietary restrictions you still want to be aware of what you are feeding your four-legged companions. For years we have confidently offered our bags of Peanut Butter Bones, that we also sample to visiting dog in our dog boutique and seldom does a nose turn them up. They are made with simple wholesome ingredients in a U.S. bakery for us. These crunchy medium-size bones contain whole wheat flour, water, peanut butter, rolled oats and molasses. Better ingredients than you find in human cookies, right?! Plus they fit perfectly into the grooves on our bone toy for added entertainment.

You can feel comfortable purchasing healthy dog treat options at Paws pet boutique. If you are evaluating treats on your

Wheat/Corn-Free Dog Pretzels, USA Baked

own, please keep in mind where they are made what they contain. Lastly, remember dog biscuits are a treat not a meal. Make sure you use them as a reward for good behavior and don't go over board handing them out.

Enjoy your time with your companion animals!