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Add a Dog Walk, Unique Collar or Special Toy to Celebrate Your Dog - Your Best Friend

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Isn't it amazing how dogs sense the excitement in the air around the holidays? They know it is a time of celebration and a time to be with those who are important in life. I have learned never to under estimate the intelligence and intuition of a dog. In fact, you can learn a lot from them!

Dogs are amzing at sharing unconditional so don't forget to show your appreciation. Adding an extra dog walk with a unique dogs leash, special toy to play with our treat to savor during the holiday season is sure to be appreciated by your faithful companion. You'll find many unique dog collars (including holiday dog collars), special all natural USA baked dog treats and holiday dog toys at our dog boutique in Annapolis and online. 

We have enjoyed seeking out unique dog gifts for people and pups since 1999 and feel we have a little something different for everyone! Gift wrapping is complimentary too. When shopping our online dog boutique, simply add a note with the items you'd like gift wrapped in the comment section and consider it done. We love helping our customers find unique holiday dog gifts

Thanks for sharing your life with a dog. Our sign "Life without dogs, I don't think so" says it all. 

Enjoy your time with your dog.





- founder of Paws pet boutique