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Beacon Pet Safety Lights

  • High intensity light beacons offer 3 light modes: solid, slow blink and rapid blink with the push of a button.
  • Watertight and light weight pet safety lights
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Product Description

Our blinking pet lights are top of the line. Watertight and lightweight, our pet light beacons are designed for people and dogs who are on the go and enjoy the outdoors.

Easily select from 3 light modes with a simple press of a button. You decide if the light flashes or is solid. So for example if you have 3 dogs running in your dark backyard, you can use a different light mode to keep track of each of them! Place one beacon on "solid light", on your second dog place the light on a steady "slow blink" mode and on the third select a "rapid blink" light mode and you'll see where each dog is at all times!

Light beacons can be placed on your dog's collar or harness with either the attached ring or secure grip clip. For night walks you may consider placing one on your dog and attaching one to yourself too! These pet beacons can also be slipped on your dog's leash to bring attention to both of you on the walk. Great for use by night or early morning joggers, bikers or walkers too. Beacons can even be placed on children for safety purposes.

Stay safe and pick up one of these high intensity LED beacons. They make great gifts for someone who just adopted a dog too!

Comes with 2 lithium coin cell batteries that are replaceable.



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